Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Happy Birthday Sergei!

Warning: Big shocking news coming up

This may be the last birthday poem I do.
(that's the big news, in case you missed it)

I started doing blog birthday poems on September 21, 2007, for Dorothea's birthday. I'm not sure if I'm going to continue the tradition for another year or not, and off the top of my head, I can't think of any other birthdays coming up that would necessitate a birthday poem (note-I do have a brother, a niece, a brother-in-law, and a sister-in-law who will all have birthdays between now and September 21, but to my knowledge, none of those people check this blog, so I don't really see the point of posting a birthday poem for them.)

So, this could be it. Luckily, although I can't say too much good about the poem, the subject of the poem is a stellar great guy. In an interesting coincidence, Sergei, who may be the subject of the last poem I write, is married to Dorothea, who was the subject of the first poem I wrote. Funny how things work out at times, huh?

So, anyway, to the right and below is Sergei's picture:

And straight below is his poem:

Ode to Sergei
by charlotte c. cantwell
(who happens to be channeling e e cummings at the moment-- kind of random, huh?)

sergei and i go back several years,
he moved here from denver, and we became peers.

nearly as soon as i met him, he started dating my friend,
he's generous and charming, and always has an ear to lend.

(I could go on about this--it's absolutely true.)

he's a masterful cook, from french toast to key lime pie,
honestly, when you taste his food, you'll think you might die.

Sergei has the distinction of being the only man that we asked to make pies for our wedding reception (we asked about 20 other women as well). He made two scrumptious Key Lime Pies. They were so good that hardly anyone who attended the reception ended up getting a piece. See, what happened was, Eric's dad tried a piece, thought it was so good that he brought a piece over to Eric and I to share (while we were greeting guests), and then he (Eric's dad, not Eric) decided that it was much too good for anyone attending the reception, and he set the other pie aside, and took it home with him after the reception was over. So, for the next week, while Eric and I were enjoying our honeymoon-ette and blissfully setting up our new life together, Eric's parents were feasting on the best Key Lime Pie ever made. I get such a kick out of that.

but more than any of that, he's a friend that is true as true,
so happy birthday dear sergei, happy birthday to you!

In Eric-and-Charlotte news, all is well with us. Eric's started school again, and is enjoying his classes (although he's bitten off quite a bit this semester). As for me and the little bambina, I went in for my last ultrasound today and learned that in all likelihood, I'm carrying around a little giantess in my belly*. Seriously. Our baby is in the 90th percentile for size. She weighs nearly seven pounds and I'm only 33 1/2 weeks along. If she were to continue to grow at a normal rate and I were to have her at term (in 6 1/2 weeks) instead of the one month early (in 2 1/2 weeks) that we're planning on, she'd be a TWELVE POUND BABY when she was born.

I'm tellin' ya, that c-section is lookin' better every day.

*Perhaps, rather than calling her the bambina, in light of her size, I should start calling her the bambota. But I won't, because I have experience with the -ota suffix, and I'm not going to inflict that on my darling daughter. When I was on my mission, for a month or two, I was the tallest Spanish-Speaking Sister missionary in my mission. As luck would have it, I was paired with the shortest Spanish-Speaking Sister missionary in my mission for a few months. The people that we would visit with, as well as the members in our branch got a real kick out of that, and they started calling us the "hermanita"(her) and the "hermanota" (me). Since in my mind I used to (and still do) translate "hermanota" as the sister who is giant, overwhelming, and generally too big to be endured, I wasn't real big on this particular nickname.

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Jodi said...

Don't worry too much about the size. I had 2 ultrasounds a week for the last 2 months. Every time they would do a growth test they would freak me out w/ that 90th percentile talk. Apparently they can be really off. They had me all worried that Rider was huge too. At 2 weeks early he was only 7.14. I was just sure he was going to be a 12 lb. baby. I was so shocked that he was so little. Then he lost almost 2 lbs. the first week.

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