Thursday, July 17, 2008

they grow up so fast . . .

Remember these babies?

Well, look at them now!

The one on the far left in the first picture grew into the guy with his finger in his mouth in the second. The one on the far right in the first picture grew into the guy with the adorable smile in the second. The middle boy in the first picture moved to Indiana in June, and was unable to come to Utah for the reunion this year. (but you can see a picture of how he's grown by clicking here)

Interestingly enough, as it turned out, last year's baby boys were replaced by this year's baby girls.

Honestly, aren't they just adorable?

* * *

As far as news, Eric has come up with a new name for our own little munchkin. It's Athena. I haven't rejected it outright (I can handle it much better than Arwen or Kitara), but I'm not all that enthusiastic about it at this point. As usual, time will tell.

Oh--and the final votes on our baby name poll are in. Aubrey and Sarah tied for first place (with 9 votes each), with Courtney coming in only three votes behind, and Christy coming in one vote behind that. So, we didn't really have a clear winner.* That's okay though. We're kind of planning to have 3-4 names in mind when we go to the hospital anyway, and then we'll see what she looks/seems like when she arrives in this glorious old world.

That's our plan at the moment anyway. Things could change though, you know? It seems that they nearly always do.

I'll leave you (for a few days) with one more pictorial comparison:

Remember him?

Still got the mouth open, still a pretty darn cute kid, if you ask me.

*Special note to Amanda: Don't lose hope. Poll or no poll, we still may end up with an Amanda. Two days ago as we were brushing our teeth, Eric asked me, "What if she comes out and she looks like an Amanda?"

I replied that if that happened, we'd definitely name her Amanda. I continued however, by saying that there was no way that she was going to come out looking like an Arwen or a Kitara, so he could just forget about that.


Amanda said...

Awesome. I love the personal note. Of course, you will name her whatever you want. :) Athena has a powerful sound to it.

I think it is good to have a handful of names prior to delivery. I always said that about John, but we ended up not ever coming up with other names. I guess that is what happens when you pick a family name.

Laura said...


Athena...sure why not.

And that little boy in the last pic looks like you.

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