Thursday, July 03, 2008

takin' it in stride

You might remember me mentioning in this post that we had been given some Zion's Bank Stock awhile ago, and had watched the value of this stock go down by about 50% since then.*

Anyway, a couple of weeks back, I called my dad to chat. As we were talking, I asked him about his Zions Bank Stock, and if he was worried about the downturn. As I remember, I said something along the lines of, "You have a fair amount of money invested there, don't you?"

His response?

"Well, we only have about half as much invested there now as we did a year ago."

Classic, daddy-o.

*In my opinion, it really isn't fair that this stock has been going down, because Zions Bank had absolutely NO sub-prime mortgage loans whatsoever when the whole crisis came to a head. But, that's the stock market. What'r ya gonna do?


Jeri said...

I just love your dad. he sure took things in stride when I had the "mailbox" incident with his new truck! Man, I was SICK about that!

Mandy Rich said...

I think Zions stock has been going down because they have had ALOT of construction loans and projects that are going into default.

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