Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Maybe the Halloween Costume will fit after all

So, here's the latest breaking baby news:

I had another ultrasound yesterday. The ultrasound confirmed something that we had been watching since the last ultrasound, but that I didn't ever post here. It's nothing really major, but I have a condition known as placenta previa. Briefly, what's happened is that the placenta for our baby is lying low in the womb, covering the cervix. If it doesn't move (and at this point, the chances of it moving are somewhat low), then when it comes time for our little girl to be delivered, her exit hatch will be blocked. This condition is fairly rare (about 1 in 200 pregnancies result in placenta previa), but more common in women who are carrying twins (which I'm not), and women over the age of 35 (which I am).

Anyway, because of some other possible complications that I won't go into here (because I don't think they'll happen to us, and I don't want to get myself all worked up about those remote possibilities, and you can do a google search on placenta previa if you want to know more about it anyway), My doctors (I have two now, not counting my unofficial Dr. Dad) have determined that the best course of action is to plan to do a C-Section when I'm around 36 weeks along. I'll have another ultrasound 4 weeks from now, and if they find that the placenta has moved, then we'll scrap the C-Section plan and go back to plan A. They've told me though that it would probably be wise for me to plan on having this baby around the middle of September, rather than the middle of October.

The GREAT news is that at this point, the little princess is measuring 2 weeks larger than is "normal", for her "age". So, if she's going to appear 4 weeks early, I like to think that her body will only be 2 weeks less developed than if she was born full-term. I feel fabulous about that.

On a practical level what this all means is that I've now got six weeks to get everything done that yesterday I had thought I had ten weeks to do. Last night as I was thinking through it all, I got a little bit panicked. I need to hire and train someone to cover my responsibilities at work while I'm on maternity leave, I need to get things in order at work so that it's not a mass of confusion for anyone who doesn't live inside of my brain and know all the little tricks and exceptions that I know. I need to get the nursery more set up, and buy a few more items that we'll need to take care of the little miss. I need to pack a hospital bag. Eric and I haven't even started our childbirth education class, and if we stick with the one we're registered for, we'll get done about 1 week before the main event.

But mostly, I just need to make the switch from thinking that we'll have a little baby sometime in October to thinking that we'll have her in September, and from thinking that I'll deliver the way that most people do to thinking that I'll have her via this surgical procedure.

And there you have it. The latest news for enquiring minds. I'm feeling pretty good about it all now. That's generally the way I work for the most part. Changes are thrust upon me, and for the first 12 hours or so I fight them and struggle against them and am put out of my happy place by them. Then I accept them and pretty quickly the benefits of the situation find their way into my mind, and I feel good about it all again.

In this case, I'm grateful that I'm probably going to miss out on the last month of pregnancy--the month where you feel like an elephant and you have to endure person after person saying, "Haven't you had that baby yet?". I'm also quite pleased at the prospect of knowing the day of our babies arrival, rather than wondering day after day if this is the day (or night) when she's going to make an appearance and what if Eric forgets to carry his cell phone and he's out somewhere and unreachable and I have to figure out a way to get myself to the hospital when I'm in agonizing pain and I can't get in touch with Eric's parents or any of my other relatives or friends and it turns into this big traumatic ordeal. Avoiding that scenario is a huge benefit if you ask me. (Well worth a scar that a non-bikini wearer like me probably won't really mind acquiring all that much.)

And then, of course, we have Halloween. I imagine that the Chewbacca costume will probably look better on the seven-week old than it would have looked on the three-week old. Don't you?

And that's all I have from here. At the moment I'm trying to decide whether or not this information is too personal to be posting on a blog. Right now I feel okay about it, but I may change my mind and take it down at some point. I guess we'll see.

Happy Wednesday to you all,


Anonymous said...

Of course the other added benefit is that all the hospital new baby pictures that you post will have a Charlotte looking the way you want to after showering and getting ready to have your baby as opposed to the I've been in labor for 12 hours and I got here in the middle of the night and I am extremely tired.

Anonymous said...

Sorry that comment was from Jacob as Melissa is still logged in on the computer.

Bamamoma said...

8-month pregnancies with full-term-sized babies are all good if you ask me (that's what Eden did, you know). I don't know if you remember the woman I told you about with PP, but hers moved in the last month (after a family fast). I think it is great that you are going with the positives and I agree that you have plenty of positives (no pushing, no obnoxious nurse telling you how to push, when to push, asking if you can push more and harder - a very happy positive). My mom had 5 each way and highly preferred the 5 C-sections (for what that is worth). See you soon!

Laura said...

I love your outlook.
I have you on my prayer radar.

Jodi said...

Oh Charlotte! That is not good news. I hope things work out. I have to say, I agonized over having to have a c-section at the last minute (almost literaly). Now, I think if I endeavor to do this again, I will schedule the c-section. For me it was a dream. I know it is not that way for everyone, but it truly was a dream.

melissa c said...

You are so adorable and I love the way you write!

I don't think it was too personal but you know me.

Good luck with everything. It will all work out wonderfully and you will be so happy with that beautiful little girl that you won't care about that scar.

You'll start caring when she is a teenager and bratty! Then you'll wonder about that scar!

Kami Anderson said...

Everything is going to be just fine. I love that you are having a good attitude about everything. And if you need any help with anything I know you have friends (of which I count myself as one) who would love to help you out. You and Eric are going to be such awesome parents.

michellejohnnie said...

You have a great attitude about this. I wouldn't have minded skipping my last month of pregnancy. The waiting game is dull. I believe things will go well for you and that your baby will be healthy and happy!

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