Thursday, June 19, 2008

a tag for our little miss

Over a month ago, Amanda tagged me to say three things about our baby. (The original tag was for eleven things, but since we don't know all that much about her, being unborn and all, Amanda said that I could say just three things)

So, here we go:

1. She likes Peter Breinholt music-unless she hates it. All I know is that whenever I get into the car and I have Peter Breinholt on, she starts wiggling around in there. It's entirely possible that she's squirming and trying to maneuver her hands over her ears to block out the noise, but I prefer to think that she's chair (or womb) dancing. Just like her mama.

2. She's either a pretty big baby, or we've been calculating my due date wrong all along. -At our ultrasound last week, we learned that she is measuring about 8-9 days bigger than is normal for someone with my due date. That combined with the fact that I'm an "older mother" means I'll probably be induced, and that will probably be happening a week or two earlier than my due date of October 10. Wa-Hoo!

3. She's going to have cousins, aunts & uncles, and grandparents galore!-By the time she makes her appearance, this little girl will in all likelihood have 25 cousins, 8 aunts, 8 uncles, one adopted aunt, (probably one adopted uncle), four grandparents, and a whole retirement community of folks who live too far away from their own grandchildren, and are just looking for a sweet little girl to spoil. Not a bad way to start life out, huh?

And there you have it. You'll notice I didn't post her name. Yeah, that one's going to take awhile. Eric and I (especially me) are both too fickle to settle on anything just yet. We'll get it figured out though.


Laura said...

1) What if you find out that she's squriming because she want to ROCK OUT????
2) Big babies rule ( I was almost 10 lbs. And no, I'm not fat...a wee chunkie though)

3) Big families TOTALLY rule...bring on the cousins and kinfolk..nothing says holiday like eating off a card table. (you've read that somewhere?)

melissa c said...

I am so excited for you! She sounds wonderful and you will be a great mother! She's musical, just like you!

Tonya said...

She sounds just awesome. I can hardly wait to see her.

Bamamoma said...

You forgot her BFF! (and another adopted aunt!)

The PB thing just makes me laugh. Truly she is YOUR daughter if she is getting jiggy to PB!

Charlotte said...


I did forget the BFF! As to the other adopted aunt, I didn't want to make any assumptions. We both know what happens when we ASSUME.

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