Tuesday, June 17, 2008


So, last night I'm sitting on the couch writing in my journal when Eric comes home from work. Usually Monday nights find me making dinner when Eric comes home from work, (I get off an hour before he does) but this particular night we hadn't quite decided what our "exercise/dinner/family home evening/possible after-work-nap" schedule was going to be, so I hadn't started dinner yet.

He rushes in the door, gives me a quick kiss and says, "I've got to finish listening to NPR! Marketplace is on!"

He proceeds to stride into the kitchen and fiddle with the tuner on the radio there, with no luck. He finally finds his precious program streaming on the web, and proceeds to ardently listen for the next 30 minutes, while simultaneously checking various stock prices on the computer, and updating me on the latest share prices of Google ($571), Apple ($180), Haliburton ($59), and Zions Bank ($37)*. Meanwhile, I'm throwing together a green salad and heating up a frozen pizza (yeah, it was a healthy night for us. At least I can report that the pizza was thin-crusted and quite small). After Marketplace is over, we eat our dinner, go for a walk, have Family Home Evening, and go to bed.

This wouldn't be all that interesting unless you realize that two years ago (to my knowledge), Eric had next to no interest in the stock market whatsoever. Eric's an artist. He's talented at painting, drawing, sculpting, graphic design, writing interesting stories, dreaming big dreams, and even making some plans of how to make those dreams come true. Of the two of us, I'm the one with the financial background. I'm talented at keeping the checkbook balanced, making sure our bills are paid on time, saving little pockets of money here and there, dreaming practical dreams, and making detailed plans as well as back-up plans of how to make those dreams come true.

In light of all that, I find it delightfully ironic that it is Eric rather than myself that has developed such a dedicated interest in the stock market and its turns and twists. He's helping me to see it in a whole new way, and it's been kind of a fun little adventure recently. We may never be major investors, but I figure that a little well-diversified dabbling never hurt anybody, and I certainly don't expect it to hurt us.

And, as long as "Marketplace" is broadcast from 6:00 to 7:00, I'll have an extra 20 minutes before I'll need to start to making dinner.

What's not to like about that?

*We were given some Zions Bank stock a year or so ago, and we've watched it steadily go down in value since that time. We're "buy and hold" (or in this case "be gifted and hold") kind of people though, so we're not all that worried about it at the moment.


Laura said...

I know nothing of the stock market, but I admire people that do.
Go for it.

Tonya said...

I know little to nothing about the stock market. I have a 401K and I just let it roll at the highest rate right now since it will be a looonnnggg time before I retire. Good luck to you!!

Jake said...

let me know if he gets to reading any finance books.

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