Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Pregnancy Developments (nothing too important here)

Lately, I've been craving green salads like crazy. All I want to do is go to restaurants with good salad bars, and pig out. Finally, a few days ago, I decided that it would be better for me to buy salad fixings at the grocery store than either

1)spending all our money in restaurants


2)denying myself this fairly healthy craving day after day after day.

So, I did. Who knows how long this particular phase will last, but I'll enjoy it while it does. My last phase featured Peanut Butter M&Ms in large quantities. I have to think that this is better.

In other news, I can feel our baby move these days. I mean, really move, not that little fluttery thing that you don't really recognize or know what it is. (S)he's been wiggling around, and kicking here and there, and it's been such fun. Best of all, since (s)he isn't big enough yet to do much damage, his/her wild cavorting doesn't hurt or bother me at all. I've heard that this is a fleeting period of time though, and soon enough I'll have aching ribs and muscles from all this rambunction. Oh well. I'll enjoy it while it lasts.

And finally, a small triumph. Remember how a few months ago, I received a bunch of maternity clothes via freecycle? Well, what I didn't mention in that post was that the girl who gave them to me is about 4-5 inches shorter than I am. This isn't such a big deal when it comes to shirts and pants (I'm not too proud to wear unfashionable high-water pants for a few short months-so sue me), but she gave me five different dresses, all really cute, all much too short for me. I had just about resigned myself to sending them to the thrift store, or re-freecycling them, when I decided to try my hand at hemming them into shirts.

Now, you might remember that I have a pretty intense sewing aversion. I'm not good at it, I don't enjoy it, and I've had very few good experiences with it. But, all the same, last weekend, I gave it a try. I whipped out my little cordless sewing machine, my scissors, my courage, my sense of humor (most importantly) and went for it. Surprisingly, after a few trials and errors, I was able to hem all but one of the dresses, and they all look pretty darn good, if I do say so myself. The hems aren't store quality (or my mother quality) or anything like that, but I'm pleased with the results. Someday I'll probably post a picture of one or more of them, but since I haven't taken any pictures, today is not that day.

And those are the big items of pregnancy news for now. Eric and I are still in name negotiations. I've lessened (somewhat) in my ardor for the name Abrianna, and now I'm leaning to Christy (spelled with a "C", so she could have the initials of "C.C." I always loved the fact that my initials were C.C. Don't ask me why). For Eric's part, he has moved his attentions from McNeil and Ike to Jack. I could probably go for Jack, but we'll see. Our ultrasound is scheduled for Monday, which can't come soon enough, as far as I'm concerned.

Happy Wednesday.
(love those initials!)


Laura said...

Go out for some will oneday not have the time to do so...I think those initials are adorable too.

Jenna Marie said...

I've been craving salads too- although not for the same reason... :) And that freecycle thing? I'm totally in love with it! I've gotten some great things- and did you know Brent Blodgett? I got him and his wife a 5 year old (which isn't that old) Solid Oak table that lengthens to seat 10! For Free! Wahoo!! Amazing... :) Thanks for telling everyone about it!

Jake said...

Jake is close to Jack. Logan Jacob Cantwell is still on the table.

Tasha said...

I love girls names that have a K sound but are spelled with a C - I think it makes the name look softer and more feminine - my sister Cathy (who in a round about way was named for a girl my dad coached that I think was your age -she hurdled and had blonde hair - all I remember, wonder if you have any inkling as to who I'm talking about) is that way along with my little Catherine (Catie). Stick with the cute initials for a girl definitely.

Charlotte said...

Tasha-I know EXACTLY who you are talking about. I was a sophomore when your sister Cathy was born, and I ADORED her namesake (a senior). She was a great athlete, but more importantly, she was a kind and caring leader on our track team.

Actually, that was an all-around great team, and an all-around great year.

Jenna-I do know Brian Blodgett. His older sister Lori (Brooksby now) was my very best friend when we were little. I had many many sleepovers at the Blodgett home, playing "fashion plates", and giggling the night away with Lori.

Jacob-have you ever considered the name "Charlotte Christine Corry"? Jessica's only what, coming up on three now? I bet if you changed her name now, within a year or two she wouldn't even remember the old one.

Think about it.

Bamamoma said...

So would you name her Christine and call her Christy. You've read the book Christy haven't you? I think that is an adorable name. Although it was quite popular when I was little it is kind of unusual these days (but not odd). I like it!

I never got to the point that my ribs were sore from kicking - even though Eden was very active. Every once in a while she would get in a good kick but it wasn't a constant pain. The constant pains were elsewhere. Those movements are pretty fun eh? Ha, how exciting!!! I can't wait to hear from you on Monday! I really am hoping for a girl so that Christy and Eden can be cpf bff.

Kristi G said...

Hi Charlotte,

I think Christy is a perfectly lovely choice! (Don't let your association with me ruin your preference of the name!) And, spelling is with a "C" is a wise decision, so she doesn't have to spell it for everyone! My best friend growing up was named "Christy" (no kidding) and the book Christy was her favorite. She is a truly wonderful person, too!

strawberryfields4ever said...

At least your craving is reasonably healthy! With my third child, I had an insatiable desire for cantaloupe...what is that?!? I would eat an entire cantaloupe all by myself each day...not in one sitting, but throughout the day. To this day my son LOVES cantaloupe! So funny how these things work! :) said...

It took me forever to find your blog. I loved the cool slideshow. Hey i think that jack is a great name for boy. I like Christy too!
I especially like CC for a nickname. You are the greatest.


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