Saturday, June 07, 2008

Peppy Blog Tunes

Don't be looking for any big additions to this particular blog anytime soon, but I've decided that I like it when people have music loaded on their blogs.

Sometimes the music can be a little bit inconvenient when I'm at work, as I often check blogs while backing up files, printing reports or sitting on hold with various technical support or customer service agents. At those times, I already have my own music of choice going (I have a mix of classical music on that is just the perfect mix for me--although I'm probably going to test out Tasha's British Classical Station soon) , and so the blog-music usually clashes until I find the player (on the blog, not on pandora) and stop it.

All the same, I'm a fan of blog music. It seems that the authors of the blogs that I frequent tend to have music tastes that are very similar to my own. Add that to the fact that I don't particularly like making decisions (which is why I rotate my clothes, rotate my recipes, rotate the CD's I listen to, and rotate a bunch of other things that we won't discuss just now), and the fact that I like to have music in the background for nearly everything I do, and the whole blog music thing fits me like a glove. Pretty much anytime I'm on the computer at home, I've got one internet window open to one of my music blogs, and I'm listening away while working on whatever computer tasks I have.

As an added bonus, we (if by "we" we mean Eric) recently moved the computer downstairs. I started to write a big explanation of why we did this, but this post is already getting too long, so I'll spare you the details. The fact that the computer is downstairs though makes it so that I can now listen to blog music as I'm cooking, cleaning, or doing most of the living that I do in the living areas in our home. Nice!

There is one aspect of blog music that I like more than any other though, and I haven't touched on it yet. It is simply this: I feel closer to my friends as I listen to their music. Today as I mopped the kitchen floor and Eric vacuumed the living room, we listened to the music on my sister's blog. I loved it. The selections there range from Neil Diamond and Simon & Garfunkel to Five for Fighting and the Bare Naked Ladies, and each of the songs (except for one) is fun for me to listen to, and makes me think of my Becca.

Becca has a short-ish playlist on her blog, and so when we had finished with all of her songs before finishing with the housework, we headed over to Tayneshia's myspace page. She's got a bunch of music loaded there as well. You may remember (and if you don't, you can click on the link to her name) that Tayneshia is a dear friend of mine who moved back to Texas last August. Many of the songs on her page are new to me, but they all have a distinctive "Tayneshia feel" to them. Even Eric, who doesn't have the history with her that I have, commented on how the music there reminded him of Tayneshia. I completely agree.

And there you have it. Peppy tunes that make housework more fun and help me to feel closer to dear friends and family across the miles. What's not to like about that?

I can't think of a single thing.


Bamamoma said...

what about listening to NPR while you do housework? You know you wanna! :) Perhaps I'll try the blog music sometime though. Maybe tonight (instead of American Roots or whatever they have in the evenings after the stuff I like to listen to is over).

Esplin GJ said...

Thank you Charlotte, I am curious, which song is the exception?

Charlotte said...

Jailbreak by Tin Lizzy. How did that song get on there? Don't tell me it's one you like.

Esplin GJ said...

Ryan-public defender. I thought (or hoped) it was that song.

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