Wednesday, June 25, 2008

For all who read this with google reader, bloglines, etc.

You now have another chance to vote for the name of our little darling. (see sidebar) There will be yet another chance to vote in a week or so, and chances are, that will be the final vote.

That is, unless September rolls around and fickle Charlotte and Eric come up with a whole new batch of names that we like more.

If that happens, then all bets are off.

(Surely though, there aren't any bets that are currently on, right?)


Bamamoma said...

Speaking of bets, maybe we should start a poll on when the little tyke actually arrives on planet earth. The person who comes closest gets a Charlotte poem on the blog. What do you think?

Charlotte said...

Not a bad idea. I'll put that on file for August fun.

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