Saturday, June 21, 2008

America Voted

The results of the Official Vote-for-the-naming-of-the-precious-first-born-child-of-Eric(Jon)-and-Charlotte(Julien Corry)-Cantwell are in!

In a three-way tie for eighth place, with 5% of the vote are:


In seventh place, with 8% of the vote is:


In sixth place, with 11% of the vote is Eric's personal favorite:


In a three way tie for third place with 14% of the vote are:


In second place with 22% of the vote is:

(interesting how that name so closely resembles my middle name, huh?)

And, the clear and obvious winner, with a whopping 28% of the vote is (oh, so surprisingly) Charlotte's personal favorite:

Christina and/or Christy


Of course, during the week of the actual vote, Eric and I have decided that we also like the name "Sarah" quite a bit, and I'm considering going back into negotiations using "Aubrey" instead of "Abrianna" (because I suspect that it will be an easier sell to good old Mr. C.).

So, you know, it's still a total gamble.

But it sure is fun!

(Seacrest . . . I mean Cantwell, OUT!)


Tonya said...

Very cool. Anything you guys choose will be perfect. I love Arianna by the way.

Bamamoma said...

Phil says, "Abrianna" is just so drama-queen.

I really like Sarah and seriously considered it for Eden. I like the alternative spelling of Serah (I think it is Hebrew or something, I can't remember).

Enjoy the fun and around October 1 you could just pick one out of a hat! ha!

Anonymous said...

you know that 28% of the vote is not enough for an outright win. Don't you think we should send the top 3 into a runoff.

Charlotte said...

That's a good point (anonymous), but there's one problem. Since we had a three-way tie for third place, we don't really have a top three so much as a top five. Wouldn't a five-way runoff carry the same risk of not getting an outright win?

Any suggestions, fair readers?

Anonymous said...

What about a runoff of the three-way tie, and then a runoff of the top three?

Amanda said...

I have been using bloglines to check blogs... and so I never even saw there was a poll. I totally would have voted and thus influenced the outcome. Maybe there wouldn't be a 3 way tie.

So I will vote in your next poll.

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