Wednesday, June 11, 2008

"all the better to smell you with, my dear"

This is one of my great-great grandfathers.

There are many many exceptionally exceptional things that I could write about him. He was a great man, and he left all of his descendants a great legacy, to say the very least. For our purposes today however, I'm going to focus on one thing.

His nose.

See that nose? It's a little bigger than average, don't you think? In my family, we call it "The Grant Nose", and it turns up from time to time on the faces of his descendants (you can look at this post if you want another example).

This is my husband.

As is often the case, he is being silly in this picture. I might mention that this particular cantaloupe spoiled before we got around to eating it. Apparently sticking a pencil in a cantaloupe is not the best way to ensure its longevity. However, we won't focus on that at this particular moment. What we will focus on now is:

His nose.

Eric has what he lovingly refers to as "The Cantwell Schnoz". It's a little larger than your average nose, but not unpleasantly so. I kind of like it, to tell the truth.

This is me.

When I was little, I used to read the Anne of Green Gables Books, and I would compare myself to that most alluring of heroines, Anne Shirley. You may or may not remember, but Anne had kind of an infatuation with her own nose. She loved it. She thought it was pretty, and she must have been right, because she got many compliments on it.

As I would read the books, I would look at my own nose in the mirror or in photos, and I decided that my nose wasn't too shabby either. In fact, I decided that I had been fortunate when it came to noses, in that I had quite a pretty one.

I've changed my mind.

Now, I'm not going to go out and get plastic surgery or anything, but as I look at pictures of myself these days, it seems to my that my own nose is a little bit larger than average. Who knows? Maybe I'm starting to develop "The Grant Nose". Only time will tell.

In light of all this, I suppose it's only fitting that there was only one facial feature that our ultrasound technician was able to capture crystal clearly in our (non-digital, unfortunately or I might have posted a sample) 3D ultrasound pictures.

Any guesses as to what feature that might have been?

I'll give you a hint. It wasn't her eyes or her lips.

Poor dear, take a look at her ancestry. She doesn't even have a chance.

(But she's beautiful. To us, she is absolutely beautiful.)


amy greenway said...

I can't speak for the "Grant nose" but I do have to say that if a child is to get the "Cantwell Schnoz" the child ought to be a girl. My nose is definitely of the "cantwell" make and model. Although it is not my favorite feature it also isn't of the Wayne and Lee variety.

I'm sure she'll be just lovely. And by the have a great nose!

LClark said...

Your noses look fine!

LClark said...

Actually, Heber's nose looks terrific! He would look so much less noble if it were anything different...

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