Thursday, May 15, 2008

"The duck that was named Ike and couldn't stop coughing"

How's that for a random title?

This morning, as I was driving to work, I saw what appeared to be roadkill on the side of one of the streets I always drive. As I got closer, I realized that it actually wasn't roadkill, but instead was a living mother duck with about eight of the smallest living ducklings I've ever seen in real life. (Come to think of it, I don't know when I last saw any ducklings in real life).

They were far enough toward the center of the road that I figured they would be roadkill soon enough if something didn't change. So, I got out of the car and shoo'ed them over to some dirt on the side of the road. Hopefully everything turned out well for them.

I have a cold, again. On the one hand, I feel it was a miraculous blessing that if I was going to be completely healthy for only eleven days, that those days happened to coincide with the five days that Eric and I were in San Francisco. On the other hand, this being sick business is wearing me down. It's hard not to get discouraged. Today I've done pretty well at keeping positive, but there have been other days . . .

And that's life in the land of Charlotte these days. Eric and I are still negotiating over possible names for the little one. We will hopefully find out whether it will be a boy or girl within the next few weeks. It will be a relief to be able to eliminate half of the naming possibilities. For a girl, Eric has taken to campaigning hard for "Arwen" (like from The Lord of the Rings), but it will avail him nothing, because I am completely against that name. As for a boy, he likes Carson, McNeil, Alex, and Ike. I'm okay with Carson and Alex, and I'd be okay with Ike if we gave him the actual name of Isaac and just called him Ike*. I used to be anti-McNeil, because it seemed too "last namey" to me. However, recently it's grown on me. We'll see though. We've gone though a lot of names in the past four months. It's entirely possible that come October, we'll be on to something completely different. And really, what's wrong with that?

*My problem with "Ike", as some of you know, is that when you put it with our last name, you have a little boy going around town with a name that is pronounced "I Can't Well". I just can't see sending a kid out into the world with that name. Eric says it would make him strong and resilient, and that he would enjoy being so unique. I think that could be the case, but we don't know this kid yet. What if he's more on the sensitive side? What if he is one who will get his feelings hurt more easily? No, better to give him the choice I say. We name him Isaac, call him Ike (or at least Eric will), and then when he gets old enough, he'll fall into the version of the name that suits him best. Or maybe we'll avoid the dilemma altogether and have a Carson, an Alex, a McNeil, or (my personal favorite but Eric absolutely doesn't go for it) a Daniel.


BamDaddy said...

bummer about the cold. Ask your doctor about taking astragulus. It is a great supplement that Phil has been taking to increase his immune system. He really feels like it works. Speaking of Phil, I'm posting this with his logon because lately I can't pull your blog up with my browser without it crashing. I don't know why.

Stay firm with the name - no reason to give up ground now. It is the year of girls so maybe you could go with Carsonetta, Alex, Ikette, McNelli, or Danielle. :)

Doug said...

Eric's defense of the name "I can't well" sounds very similar to that famous Jonny Cash song....A boy named Sue.

Jeri said...

Love the post title -

Eric seems to like names that are unique and a bit off the wall eh? Hold your ground if you really don't like a particular name - there are millions of names, surely you'll find one you both can agree on.
For me and Tim, we had at terrible time with the whole name thing. Caleb is the only child we have who actually got to be called by his name while we were in the hospital (not until the very last day of my 5 day stay, of course.) All the others had the adorable "baby Mellor" tag on their bassinet things. They wouldn't let us check out until we had a name decided on, so we would be standing at the discharge desk trying to decide on a name so that we could go home.
Aaron was supposed to be "Joshua," but when he was born it didn't seem to fit. Katrina was going to be named Rebecca, then Emily... With Bryan and Caleb we really didn't even bother much with trying to come up with a name before they were born.

Rochelleht said...

How cute are YOU!?! Thanks for the comment on my blog. I have just sat here and read through bunches of your posts and thoroughly enjoyed myself. Such fun. And yeah for you for saving the baby ducks.

Congratulations on your new babe! (I agree with you on the baby names, though. It's hard having a hard name, speaking as one who does.)

Jodi said...

I am so happy to know someone who is willing to stop their car for a a mama and her ducks. I do crazy things like that and sometimes I wonder if I need serious therapy. I once burst into tears on I-15 in a traffic jam. I looked to my right and there was a semi trailer full of pigs. Their snouts and ears were poking out through the air holes. I am assuming they were heading to a bacon making place. I cried for an hour.

I Hear you on the naming battle. We are 2 weeks out and no further ahead. I am all for giving them a name that makes them strong and resilent, but come on! Rippon Lee Petersen. I would take Ike anyday.

Jake said...

Personally I like Jake with a middle name of Logan (you can do that if you're not planning on living in Logan for the rest of your lives). Jacob Logan Cantwell would just be nice.

Oh yeah and if you ask your father/doctor about astragulus I'm pretty sure he won't have any idea what you're talking about. If you do happen to find a doctor who is familiar with the root he (or she as the case may be) will most likely tell you it might not be the best thing in your particular case as it can cause your blood pressure to drop a little (a nice side effect for most of the rest of us if you ask me).

Harmony said...

Good luck with the baby naming. Here's some ammunition for you, a baby-naming website with a name survey and comments from people who actually have the name you might be thinking of. You can find out what they think of their name, nicknames that have developed--good and bad, and whether they have been teased because of their name, etc.

Tonya said...

Picking a name was hard for us too. We through tons of them before we finally settled. I was so worried that the name wouldn't fit him. We also tried every name we liked in playground talk and it elminated many of them. How about McNeil for a middle name. I think Carson McNeil sounds good. Not that it matters what I think but I'm just saying.

Laura said...

At first I was..ewww Ike...then I thought about it. Ike sounds like a spunky fun kid to go with the spunky fun parents...I think McNeil is a way cool first name too.
I wonder if you are going to mind all of us chiming in with our opinions? I got PLENTY of those!!!:) Just tell me when to shut up.

Charlotte said...

I don't mind opinions on this one bit. At some point along the way, I learned that people are so varied that it makes no sense for me to try to please everyone at the same time. I also learned that (like me, I hope), most people don't really mind if their opinions aren't always followed by others. So, I find all the opinions interesting.

Plus, sometmes it gives me ammunition for pursuading El Enrico.

Anonymous said...

After reading "Celebrity Girlfriends (three conversations)" I could play the part of anonymous reader no more!
I am a Pro-Eric reader and I'm taking his side. Girl=Arwen, Boy=Ike. You CAN NOT go with McNeil... that sounds like someone who was involved with Enron or something.
Eric, you better write to me. And BTW, have you tried Blender? Open Source 3D modeling software. Meh, that's probably old news to you.
Take care! - Dr. T.

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