Monday, April 14, 2008

A Year of Splendiferous Joy

Today it's been one year since Eric and I got married.

One awesome, amazing, thrilling, joyous year of sunshine and daffodils.

(with just enough adjustment and challenges thrown in to keep us somewhat humble)

Mmm - mmmm! Deee-licous!

(You can decide for yourself whether I'm talking about the cake or that fine specimen of manhood to the right of me)

(When I was in my twenties, I swore I'd never be this sappy)

me on our honeymoon-ette

Eric & Higgins

Eric on our honeymoon

at a family reunion

At another family reunion. Please pretend you don't notice that I have a double chin here.

(I could go on about how one of my biggest fears as a child was that I would grow up and have a double chin and now it has happened and I live my worst nightmare about one out of every three times I smile, but that's probably a post for another day.)

I took pictures of the completed jack-o'lanterns, but it was too dark and they didn't turn out.

being silly (for a change), immediately before heading out to see my favorite singin' man, Peter B

storytime with (some of ) the nieces and nephews

Eric in his workshop, which is also our crawlspace. That sander is on boxes of our food storage. If you look really closely, you can see that he's using old copies of National Geographic to keep the sander more or less level.

Me. Eric decided to braid my hair and wanted a picture. I know this is kind of cheesy. Too bad.

So there it is. Our fabulous year in medium quality pictures. To celebrate, we're going out to dinner tonight, and we might even swing into Borders and buy one new Jazz CD for our little collection. Why Jazz, you ask? Well, because Jazz is turning out to be the music of our love. Who would have ever thought?

Oh--and then as soon as the semester ends (in May), we're off to San Francisco for five glorious honeymoon-flashback days. We figured we'd take advantage our ability to get away one last time while it was still quite easy to do so.

Happy Monday to you all,



Laura said...

Did you save some of that cake to eat for your anniversary? It looks AWESOME!!!! I am totally craving it...Congratulations- lots to celebrate in your house.

Jake said...

After seeing Eric's workshop I believe he does deserve his robot room.

Jeri said...

I can't believe it's been a while year! how time flies eh?

Mandy Rich said...

WOW! I cant believe it has been a year! Congrats! You have got some fun things this next year!

PS the next time we will come up we will call you and we can do dinner - that would be fun!

Bamamoma said...

What???? Your favorite singing man isn't your CPF (and MY hubby)?????


Enjoy the Indian Oven (I'm jealous) and totally enjoy the honeymoon revisited because you are right, it is only getting more difficult around October.

Tonya said...

Happy Anniversary :o) What a wonderful year.

amy greenway said...

I'm trying to figure out who CPF is? I got Peter B but not CPF...

If anyone is as happy as Eric that he found and married you a year ago it is his ENTIRE family. WE LOVE YOU!!!! So here is on yahoo from the Cantwell family. YAHOOOOOO! He could NOT have done better.

Charlotte said...

Amy-CPF stands for "Close Personal Friend". It's kind of a pet name Heidi, Phil, and I all have for eachother. I've (oddle enough) actually blogged about how the name came to be. You can read the story on this post if you want.

I was just telling Eric last night that I can't imagine marrying into a family that fits me better than the one I got with all of you. So, there's a big Yahoo! here as well!

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