Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Three Random Things

This is not a tag or anything, it's just three random things that I've experienced/been thinking about lately.

1. Before I was married, I would read the scriptures for around 30 minutes every morning. After I married, it was harder for me to get out of bed, (since adorable sleeping Eric was still there), and my scripture study time fell to about 15 minutes every morning. Then I got pregnant and started feeling exhausted, and it fell further to 5 minutes in the morning every couple of days. Two days ago, I was feeling anxious and worry-prone (for a change), and I decided that I should get back on the scripture study wagon. I read/studied for 15 minutes Monday morning, Tuesday morning, and this morning, and I'm back to that old peaceful feeling. It shouldn't surprise me, since I've been through this cycle more times than I can even count, but I really am surprised at just how quickly my worries become more manageable once I re-commit myself to scripture study. Amazing.

2. Remember--these are random things. Therefore, you should expect a drastic change of subject here. You know how I wrote that whole thing about TV a bit ago, and said (among other things) that I occassionally watched American Idol and Dancing with the Stars? Well, I'm somewhat chagrined to admit that I've become quite a follower of Dancing with the Stars lately, skimpy costumes notwithstanding. As most followers do, I have my favorites, and the fact is, I adore Cristian de la Fuente. I'd never even heard of him 2 months ago, and now I'm a huge fan. What a cute man he is! How refreshingly open! How charming! His honest joy when he does well, and his honest despair when he does poorly is just so fun for me to watch. What a breath of fresh air! I don't care if he's not the best dancer, I hope he stays on for awhile. Between him and Marisa Jaret Winokur, I have more to cheer for now than I have had on any reality show ever.

3. Although I'm not nearly as nauseated or tired as I've been in past months, I've noticed a little development over the past few days in that I feel weak, dizzy, and lightheaded quite frequently. A few days ago I nearly fainted while curling my hair, and then last night I had to dismiss one of my voice students early because I could tell I was going to faint if I didn't get my head down really quickly. (The student was only ten years old, and that could be kind of traumatic, don't you think?) I spoke with my doctor this morning, and he told me (after assuring himself that I was drinking plenty of fluids) that he wanted to see me in his office tomorrow. In the meantime, he wants me to raise my salt intake, I can only assume to raise my blood pressure. For once, a doctor's order that is easy to follow! Hooray! Bring on the beef jerky and the salted almonds! Now if I can just figure out how to get him to order me to raise my sugar and fat intake, life will be as sweet as a key lime pie.

And there you have it. The end for now.


Tonya said...
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Tonya said...

It's funny that you should mention number 1. Hubby and I were literally just talking about this 2minutes ago. We have never gotten into a regular pattern of studying the scriptures so we are going to do a challenge for ourselves. I'm thankful to know that it makes a difference if you life and I am certain that it will make a difference in ours.

Gloria said...
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Gloria said...

OH MY WORD!!!!! I guess it has been too long since I have read you post! Are you having a baby?????


I was just reading Jeri's post and there it is in black and white! WOW! I am SOOOOOO happy for you! NOw I will have to go back through and read about it!

By the way, this is MElissa C. Im not on my own computer!

Love you!

Gloria said...

I notice that I am NOT on your blog roll!!!!

NO, I am not offended in the least!!!!

I just know where to come find you, Knock down your door and beat you!!!!!

That is all I have to say about that. Love, your very dear, close and loving friend, melissa c.

By the way, great post!

Harmony said...

About the lightheaded thing-- happened to me in the second trimester with all four pregnancies. I can't find a good website that explains it, but I was told was that my expanding uterus was putting pressure on the interior vena cava, a large vein that returns blood from the lower half of the body to the heart. This vein runs up the right side of your vertebrae, so when lying down it is better to lie on your left side--and tell Eric to roll you to your left side to recover if you do actually pass out. Seems like I was told that it was less of a problem later in my pregnancies because of increased blood volume (normal in pregnancy).

Ryan & Angie said...

Every pregnancy is different. Almonds (and especially cashews) made me feel nauseous. Luckily that went away and I can enjoy them again. I hope you feel better soon.

Tasha said...

Ahh, the mysterious happenings with pregnancies - random and unpredictable. I was always lightheaded but that is because the amount of iron I have in my system at one point in time is ridiculously low, so if it is just salt, have a little party of salty foods and lots o' water :)

Tasha said...

Ahh, the mysterious happenings with pregnancies - random and unpredictable. I was always lightheaded but that is because the amount of iron I have in my system at one point in time is ridiculously low, so if it is just salt, have a little party of salty foods and lots o' water :)

musicmom said...

Pregnancy it fun isn't it. I know you will pull through beautifully. Every one of my 5 were different. Even within a pregnancy I would have things that bothered me one month and not another. It is a fun guessing game. For me saltine crackers and dried fruit usually did the trick. You'll be a great mom, and that baby will be here before you know it. Then all this fun nausea will fade into oblivion. :)

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