Saturday, March 01, 2008

a quick conversation

Note: To fully enjoy this post, you really should probably have read this post first.


Scene: The kitchen. Charlotte has just finished her dinner, Eric (who has arrived home from work too late for Charlotte to reasonably be expected to have waited for him) is microwaving some leftovers for himself.

Eric: So, did you hear who won the Oscars?

(You may need to be reminded that at this point, the Academy Awards have been over for about five days, and everyone else in the country, if not the world, has moved on to the next big thing. Not so in the Cantwell home, however!)

Charlotte: No, did you?

Eric: Yeah, they were talking about it at work today. It was the one about the old men.

Charlotte (trying to remember what the nominees were, and which one was about old men): Yeah? Ummmm, "The Bucket List"? The one with Jack Nicholson?

Eric: No, not that one.

Charlotte: Right--that one wasn't even in the running.

Eric: No, it was another one. One about old men.

Charlotte: So, do you know the name of the show?

Eric: I can't remember it.

Charlotte (mischievously): So, you don't know the name, do you know the actors? Do you know anything at all about this movie other than the fact that it is about old men?

Eric (a little bit defeated): Well . . . . no.

Charlotte (chuckling): Ah, I see. You come home, ask me if I know who won the Oscars, get me all curious, and then proceed to not be able to tell me anything but one vague detail about the winner. Do I have it about right?

Eric (triumphantly, with the twinkle in his eye that made Charlotte fall in love with him in the first place): Well, I know it wasn't Juno!

[End Scene]

Yeah, we're big movie buffs at our house. I think I'll run over to Google right now, see who did in fact win the awards, and maybe Eric and I can discuss it over dinner tonight. If that conversation ends up being blog-worthy, you can read the whole thing right here. Won't that be a treat?

Okay, it's ten minutes later, and I just checked Google. Apparently (as most of you probably already know), the winner was a movie entitled "No Country for Old Men". Perhaps Eric's one detail was not so vague as I had originally supposed it to be.


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