Tuesday, March 04, 2008

March Birthday Madness

My father's birthday was two days ago. My mother's birthday is in two days. Interestingly, Eric's parents have birthdays that are also in the same month, only one day apart. My oldest brother and his wife have their birthdays in the same month as well.

That's where the coincidence ends though. All the rest of us got married to people who have birthdays that are in different months than ours. Maybe it's a thing about getting married in the nineteen-hundreds. (Brother #1 and his wife married in the late 1990s, but all the rest of us married between the years 2000 and 2007.)

Anyway, this is the official birthday post for my parents. And since no birthday post here at just a little bit of quirky-ness is complete without a bit of poetry (if we can call it that, which we really can't), here is the official mom and dad birthday poem:

Ode to Bob & Barbara
By Charlotte C. Cantwell

They met while in college, as many lovebirds do,
They were both down in Cedar, attending CSU.

My mom was a city girl, my dad worked a farm,
And they fell in love, as if under a charm.

They lived in Cedar, then moved to Salt Lake,
Once their (adorable, darling, absolutely indescribably beautiful) daughter was born, a larger family they did make.

Then it was off to Georgia, for residency
By the time they left there, their kids numbered three.

And they settled in Cedar, where they are to this day
With six lovely children, who've all since moved away.

(but some of them have come back, much to their joy)

They've got plenty of grand kids, to keep my mom happy
(My dad tries to hide it, but he adores them to the point of being sappy)

So, that's part of their story, perhaps as much as you need.
Of my two amazing parents, and the family they lead.

I don't want to embarrass them, or make them feel dumb
So, I'll just say that growing up with them has been buckets of fun.

And now, many years later, I can say with smiles and no sob,
As parents, I can't think of any better than Barbara and Bob.

(it was a stretch to put "sob" in there, but have you ever tried to rhyme something with "Barbara"? Please!)

Happy Birthday(s) mom and dad.

(Aren't they just adorable?)


Bamamoma said...

candelabra??? ok, that is REALLY a stretch but it was the best I could do in the 30 seconds I spent thinking about it.

I'm excited for the NEXT birthday!

Tonya said...

I love your Birthday poems. Very good!

Laura said...

Actually, I think YOU are a talented poet...well done.

We, too, have a March Madness of Merriment in the Graham clan.
Husband, Dad, sister, and nephew(also my Godson) are all March!
And guess which relative is in charge of THAT celebration? DING DING DING...that's right lucky contestant number 1....IT'S ME!!!

Ma and Pa Charlotte are such a nice looking couple.

Jeri said...

the great thing about your parents is that they are as good, kind, generous, loving, accepting and a lot of other favorable adjectives as the are adorable - and yes, they are adorable! (especially so in this photo)

Harmony said...

Ditto what Jeri said! I don't know your mom as well, but I really hope I can find a "Doctor Coach" for my kids.

Jeff said...

snob rhymes with bob. Just trying to help.

Charlotte said...

Jeff, what are you implying?


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