Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The Best Chocolate Dipped Strawberries I've Ever Had

Well, here I am with a quick weekend report:

1. We did NOT end up sharing a Roger's Special over candlelight. We did end up eating left-over Mexican food by candlelight, and it was just delicious, and a lot of fun.

2. We had a nice weekend in Salt Lake City. We got a deal on a "Romantic Getaway" Package at a hotel down there, and since neither of us had ever done anything like that, we went ahead and tried it. Not bad. The best chocolate-dipped strawberries I've ever had, and since I'm a bit of an expert when it comes to chocolate-dipped strawberries, that's saying something.

3. I wasn't feeling well on Saturday, which was rare, and kind of a bummer. (I don't think it was due to the strawberries, if you're wondering)

4. By Saturday afternoon, Eric wasn't feeling well either, which was also kind of a bummer. (Again, I have no reason to suspect the strawberries)

5. Because we were feeling so poorly, we had to turn down the first dinner invitation we have ever received from a family in our ward. I was terribly disappointed at that. Oh well.

6. By Monday both Eric and I were feeling much better. Eric went to work and I (having the day off), lazed around, got a few things done, and had another tatting lesson. One of these days I'll have a beautiful picture of my work to post here. First though, I'll have to create something a little bit more beautiful than what I'm creating at present.

And I think that's it for today. I leave you with pictures of the aforementioned strawberries, and one very happy couple (pre-disappointment and illness).

Happy Tuesday,



Tonya said...

I love choc covered strawberries..YUMMO.

Sorry that you weren't feeling so great but the trip still sounds like it was nice.

Laura said...

I want the strawberries. Must have them...unfortunately must wait til Easter.
Delayed gratification...maturity...blah blah blah

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