Friday, February 01, 2008

Happy Birthday Bethany!

Today is the birthday of my friend Bethany. After much deliberation, I have decided NOT to post a picture of Bethany with her birthday poem post, for three reasons:

1. I'm not sure she would appreciate having her picture up on this blog for all the world to see. (since we all know that ALL THE WORLD checks this blog DAILY)

2. Although I have many digital and printed pictures of her, I don't have any currently loaded on my computer, and I'm too lazy to go through the photo CDs I have to find one.

3. I DO have some pictures of Paris on my computer, and Bethany is a bit of a France fan. So, I'll post one of those in her honor, and we'll call it good.

And now, after two long birthday-poem-free months, I give you . . .

Ode to Bethany
by Charlotte C. Cantwell

Several years ago, although it seems just a day,
I met Bethany as our paths crossed one day.
She seemed so genuine, no games, (get the gist?)
And since I love those traits, I just couldn't resist.
My first time at her house, for hours I did stay,
I sat by her brother and we talked (about hay).

(Note: This is not a lie or something I made up to get a rhyme. It really happened. I learned more about hay that night than any non-farm girl should ever be allowed to learn. But, I thoroughly enjoyed the conversation. Is that weird?)

Since then, Bethany and I have shared sorrows and joys.
We've learned some mysteries of life, (though we don't understand boys!)
One day we drove to Grand Teton National Park,
It was the first time I'd seen the mountain by dark.

(That was also the first time I'd seen anyone eat Kung Pao Tofu. Bethany ordered it, gave me a bite, and I've been hooked ever since. )

We watch American Idol together, and she teaches me to paint,
She's been patient with me and my watercolors, a regular saint.
Since this poem is sounding more and more like Dr. Seuss,
I'd better wrap it up, the rhymes are getting quite loose.
But before I end this, I want to make it clear,
I'll always need my Bethany, whether she's far or near.
Whether we're friends of the road, or friends of the heart,
Whether we live close to each other, or miles apart,
I'll always be glad that our paths crossed that day,
(And not just because now I know all about hay!)
She's been such a great friend to me, so loyal and true,
And so Happy Birthday dear Bethany, Happy Birthday to you!

Bethany is one of the Sugar Gliders, and we're having a birthday celebration lunch today at her favorite restaurant (which happens to be my favorite restaurant as well). So, that should be just peachy.

As for update on me and good old Enrique, things are good. Tomorrow we'll watch the funeral for President Hinckley on televison, and Sunday I'll teach the children in my ward the words and music to the song "Tell Me the Stories of Jesus", while Eric will continue his quest to guide his young men along the path from clueless-ly adolescent (adorable) boys to clear-eyed, Book-of-Mormon toting (also adorable) LDS missionaries.

It should be a stellar weekend.

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