Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The return of the random picture post! (have you missed it?)

For a quick update, we're doing well. We had a great weekend. Friday we went out with some of Eric's cousins as well as a couple in our ward and had a really nice time. Saturday we went out with yet another couple in our ward (the same family that invited us over to dinner the previous Sunday. You remember, when I was so discouraged because illness prevented us from making it?) and had a great time. It's been a while since we had such a full social calendar, and the change was nice. Not that I would want to be that busy all the time, but every once in a while, it's kind of a treat.

For Family Home Evening last night, Eric and I pored over different entertainment options for our Alabama trip (Which will take take place in just two weeks! Hooray!), and read Elder Uchdorf's talk from the last General Conference. I'd forgotten what comforting, helpful words he spoke that day, and it was a nice reminder.

And so that's the latest with us. Now for your viewing pleasure, here are a few random pictures, with some (hopefully short) explanations:

I took this picture on the trip I took to visit Tayneshia's Texas home in 2005. In the mornings, before the others woke up, I would take walks around the neighborhood, just to get a better feel for my surroundings. I love to do that. Anyway, here's one house/yard that I thought was interesting.

Speaking of interesting, here's a little turnabout. The picture on the right is Eric in what I call the blue room (also occasionally referred to as "the robot room" or "the man room") in our home. The picture below is what this same room looked like when the previous owners of our home lived in it (they had two children, both under the age of three). Personally, I like the homey-ness of the second photo. On the other hand, I love the fact that nearly all the robots in our house are confined to one room. Because of that, I have no problem with the changes we've made.

And the last picture is me at Rice-Eccles Stadium in Salt Lake City. This picture was also taken in 2005, on a little "Homage to the 2002 Olympics" jaunt that I took. I just adore the Olympics, and having them come to Salt Lake in 2002 was an experience like no other for me.

And with that, I leave you for another bit.



Tonya said...

I love that talk by Elder Uchdorf.

I would have been drawn to that yard in with the flag as well.

I like the random picture post.

Jake said...

Now Char you do realize that the robot room picture was shown to us just a few posts back, I'm not so sure if that qualifies as a random picture post considering the redundancy.

Bamamoma said...

Jake, I think the "random" picture was the one showing what it used to look like and the redundant picture was for comparison's sake. I'm sure Charlotte knows she just posted that and perhaps that is the very thing that made her think about the random picture of what the blue room looked like in its former life.

Bamamoma said...


I can't wait to hear what fun things you've come up with for that 'bama trip! Looking so forward to it!!!!

Charlotte said...

Actually, I was going to mention in the post that the Eric picture was a repeat, but I was trying to keep the captions more brief than I generally do.

I should have known I'd get caught.

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