Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Happy Birthday Jacob!

Today is the birthday of my brother Jacob.

Here is his picture:

(He's the tallest one, second man from the left)

And here is the poem that I took approximately three minutes to write:

Ode to Jacob
-By Charlotte C. Cantwell

Jacob was the second of my brothers born.

When we don't live close to each other, my heart is torn.

He's helped me so much,

Through good, bad, and such,

That without him I'd be very forlorn.

Happy Birthday Jay-bers.


Jake said...

Thanks Char

Doug said...

The only reason that Jacob APPEARS to be the tallest in this picture is because his youngest brother is standing behind him by about a foot thus giving the appearence of a shorter stature. I believe we have measured before and Jacob in fact is NOT the tallest in this picture. Thank you very much

Doug said...

Plus I am pretty sure that he was on his tippy toes for this picture.

Charlotte said...

I was WONDERING how long it would be before I got flack for this shot!

I consider my posting this picture to be my birthday present to Jacob. Doug, if you'll e-mail me a picture of you next to him where you are obviously taller, I promise to post it with your birthday limerick in May.

Jake said...

It also looks like I have the best hairline as well.

Jake said...

It also looks like I have the best hairline as well.

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