Wednesday, February 06, 2008

A bunch of white photos, and some pretty random thoughts

Living in a winter wonderland . . .

As in . . .
I WONDER how long I'll have to look at this same snow!
I WONDER how many more times it will snow this week/month!
I WONDER if all this shoveling Eric and I are doing is going to turn us into Mr. & Mrs. Atlas!
(Well, I don't really wonder so much about that last one.)

Remember our tree?

(October 2007)
(December 2007)
February 2007 (before I dug it out)

(These are shots of after I dug it out--I just wanted to make sure that it was still there. )

So, all is well with us, aside from the fact that it has snowed every other day for the past as-long-as-I-can-remember. Oh well. To be honest, I actually prefer the snow to the sub-zero temperatures that we get here when it doesn't snow. (Twenty-two degrees this morning--practically a heat wave!) So, it's all good. Yesterday I was out for my morning walk, and I happened to walk past a home that had a big home & driveway-to-yard ratio. (Does that make sense? Perhaps it would be better for me to say that it was a pretty average-size lot with a relatively large house and driveway sitting on it.)The snow from the driveway and sidewalks was piled super duper high on any and all available yard space. I couldn't help wondering what the occupants were going to do when the piles got too high for them to reach the top anymore. Honestly, what do you do in that kind of situation?

* Abrupt Change of Subject Coming *

I've increased my voice teaching pool--I now have six students as opposed to the two that I had in the fall. The group now ranges in age from 10 years to "old enough that I don't feel comfortable asking", and it's kind of a challenge to keep up with that many students. At the end of the day though, I really do enjoy it. As to my piano progress, I've learned a few more songs, and I'm still plugging away at Called to Serve. Everytime I play it, I'm reminded of my mission mom, and how she used to just burn up the piano with her rendition at our missionary meetings. My rendition is a bit more simplified, I'm afraid. Oh well. We do what we can.

And with that, I leave you. Stay warm out there.


Cramster said...

wow. I can't believe all the snow! The first winter I am not in Logan in 12 years and that is what happens. I secretly like that weather - when you can stay in and have hot cocoa and have nowhere to go. So I guess that is about never.


Did I say wow??

musicmom said...

I would trade you wind (50mph today) for snow any day--although I am not the one who is out there with the shovel day after day. So I guess I will admire the beauty from a distance.
Good luck with your teaching pool, and don't worry, you will be burning up the keys with your rendition soon enough..

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