Tuesday, January 22, 2008

What I did last night

Last night, while Eric was working on some homework, I took digital pictures of all our worldly possessions. (It took about 15 minutes total. We don't exactly live in a mansion, but it is more than ample for our needs.) Why was I taking the time to make a lasting record of our pre-fabricated entertainment center, our television that has lost its power knob, (and can only be turned off or on by using the remote control), and the collection of (I'm embarrassed to admit) twenty-one scrapbooks? I'll tell you.

In October Eric and I attended a meeting where one of the speakers talked about how to prepare for a natural disaster. The speaker had been living in New Orleans during the time of Hurricane Katrina, and so she had a perspective that was kind of unique, to say the least. Anyway, one of her suggestions was that we get photos of all our furnishings etc., so that if we ever need to make an insurance claim, we can use the photos for documentation.

My Beloved Guitar

Eric and I both thought it was a good idea, and so I put it on the"to do" list. Three months later it's pretty close to being done (I still need to order prints, and upload the pictures to snapfish or photobucket). I'd like to say that it took me three months to do it because the list is so long, but really it's not. It's just that since Eric and I started the days of the glorious marriage, I seem to get distracted much more easily than I did in the old days of glorious singleness.

Our collection of wreaths-one for every season

Oh well. Efficiency is over-rated, right?


Cramster said...

That is a great idea - especially uploading the pics to whatever online service one uses.

Bamamoma said...

cool idea... btw: I've heard the kitchen at church can be pretty distracting. ;)

Tonya said...

Very good idea. I'm jealous of your scrapbooking. I'm so not good at it.

Charlotte said...

Tonya--you are kind to say you are jealous. Personally, I think my scrapbooking is getting a little bit out of hand. The word "neurotic" (though I prefer "eccentric") comes to mind.

Bamamoma--VERY distracting!

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