Tuesday, January 08, 2008

what goes around comes around

So, back in 1995, when I first came to USU to attend Grad School, I was hired to be a Graduate Assistant in the School of Accountancy. As part of my work there, I graded the exams and homework of one Accounting 101 class, as well as one Accounting 201 class. One of my neighbors was in the Accounting 101 class.

Fast forward several years. That neighbor ended up marrying the sister of one of my roommates from that year. He lives on my side of the valley with his little family, and although we aren't exactly neighbors, I do pass their home from time to time on my morning walks. He is a CPA, and is employed by one of the larger accounting firms in our community.

Interestingly, it is his firm that has performed our annual audit* for several years, and is in the process of doing so again this year. Also interestingly, he is the "manager" (or whatever you call it) over this audit, meaning that he is the one who calls me, schedules the field work, does much of the review work, and is basically my contact at the CPA firm. So basically, for a couple of years now, he has looked over all my professional work, determined whether or not I've done it right, and then his firm has reported their findings to my Board of Trustees. (Talk about turning the tables!)

Sometimes I think about that. I think about it hard, and I hope with all my heart that I was fair and kind to him as I corrected his Accounting 101 tests all those years ago.

Man, do I ever!

*I'm not talking about an IRS audit here. Non-profit organizations who have any hope of receiving major grants pretty much have to have an audit by an outside organization each year. This is because most major foundations as well as government granting agencies will not even look at a grant application unless it contains a copy of the annual audit.


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Tonya said...

Oh yes, the student becomes the teacher. I have no doubt that you were fair and he will be too. It's funny how small of a world it really is out there.

Mandy Rich said...

Good Luck with the audit! I know those can be stressful!

Laura said...

The past comes back to haunt me ALL the time....I grew up around D.C.- went to college here- and had a fairly wild time. Some parents of my students happened to be around back then too. Of course your situation is just a sweet coincidence- mine is a tad more awkward.
I'm quite sure you were full of kindness, fairness, and integrity as a T.A.

Bamamoma said...

I'm trying to imagine Scott holding any kind of grudge even if you weren't (which I'm sure you were) fair. He is one of those salt-o-the-earth kind of guys that seems completely without guile, agenda, or malice. I can't imagine getting a better auditor. Besides, he had a really good TA for ACCT 101 so he must know his stuff really well!

melissa c said...

Very good point! Isn't it strange how life changes and comes back to you?

I always hope I have good karma coming my way and that I have treated people fairly. It seems like I can remember the bad stuff I have done much easier than the good.

I hope it is just a brain disfunction than fact!~

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