Tuesday, January 15, 2008

a tale of tellers

Note: This post actually only mentions the tale of tellers as a tangent to some other tangents discussed in detail. But, I couldn't resist the title.

Well, all is well with us today. Often when I sit down to write here, I have an experience I want to share, or some thoughts that I want to describe, or some photos, or some random something to illustrate. Not so much today. Today is a basic blog, I guess. Sometimes when I don't have something specific in mind I get a little rambly (is that a word?). So, I'll try to keep it in check.

The audit is going well, in case you were wondering. It's taking a little bit longer than I had optimistically hoped it would, but that's the way audits go generally. Sometimes I wonder what it would be like to be an auditor. The CPA who is doing the field work for our audit sits at a table outside my office for about 6 hours each day. She overhears all the things I say to my co-workers, and (almost surely more interestingly), she overhears all the things my co-workers say to me. Recently that included a detailed description of just how diva-esque one of our summer company members is shaping up to be (you would not believe some of the demands this person made!), an in-depth-discussion of what the optimum method for accepting contributions over the internet might be, and a telling of the tale of two bank tellers who temporarily lost the keys to the vault and (even worse) accidentally announced that fact to any and all customers who were in the lobby at the time.

In other news, Bonita Juanita is having a birthday this Sunday. She's not much of a blog reader, so I doubt that there will be any new poetry in her honor here this week. As I think about it, Juanita's native language is Spanish, so for it to be a truly meaningful tribute, I would really need to do it in Spanish. Now, I adore Juanita, but the fact is, I'm pretty sure that I don't have the vocabulary for that. After all, this is the girl who needed to say "Lake of Salt" so she could get a rhyme with "fault". Me, write a whole poem in Spanish? Now, let's not be silly!

And I think that's enough for today. As I leave you today, I'm wondering--Have any of you had the good fortune of attending a Sauerkraut Festival?

(I have not.)


Laura said...

I bet it's a gas.

Jeff said...

yeah, Sauerkraut!! Es schmeckt aber besser in Berlin

Charlotte said...

My guess:


How'd I do?

Harmony said...

I was going to comment that only in America would you find a sauerkraut festival, but then I thought I'd better google it to make sure. I was wrong. There are plenty of sauerkraut festivals in the U.S., but apparently there is at least one in Germany also, in the village of Fritzlar.

Harmony said...

And another in Leinfelden:


if you read German!

Jeff said...

sorry Charlotte, not that close:
schmeckt= tastes
aber= (here) however
besser= better
in= in
Berlin = Chicago

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