Friday, January 18, 2008

Charlotte's Counsel for a Storybook Wedding

A year ago, Eric and I (and Eric's mom and my mom) were planning our wedding. As I've been remembering those days, I've been reminded of a few things with that that turned out exceptionally well, things that were kind of a surprise to me. Now, I know that many of the people who read this blog are already married. All I can say to that is too bad. You are welcome to skip this post if you want, because today, just for kicks, I'm going to share a few of these things that worked out so well for us. I figure that sometime soon my memory is going to fade, and so I'd better get this stuff written out now.*

So, without further ado, here are five things (in ascending order) that worked MAGNIFICENTLY for Eric and I on the occasion of our wedding:

5. We had a secret engagement (kind of) for a week or so before we announced it to the world. It was the end of November when we decided to get married. Since it took a little over a week to get the ring and everything, we didn't spread the word of our engagement far and wide until December 8. Now, neither Eric nor I are really good at keeping secrets, and so by the time we were ready for the world to know, our parents already knew, as did our siblings, as did many of our friends. But for me, I remember that week of semi-secrecy as being really fun. I remember looking at Eric, and having a little secret shimmery feeling inside as I reminded myself that he was going to be mine. Does that sound silly? Perhaps. But it was fun. Fun, fun, fun.

4. Our reception was casual casual casual. We held it in a rehearsal room at the opera (scenic technicians did me the amazing favor of fixing the room up so it was just beautiful). I didn't wear my wedding dress, Eric wasn't in a tuxedo. We had gingham table toppers and pansies on the tables, and the whole thing looked kind of like a spring picnic. We served about 10 different varieties of pie, all made by anyone who made the mistake of asking me if they could help me with my wedding preparations. It was pretty easy and soooo fun. I loved it.

3. We had a chocolate wedding cake with chocolate frosting, garnished with chocolate-dipped strawberries. Need I say more? It was delicious! No white cake or carrot cake for us!

2. (Another reception one) We had our wedding reception the night before our actual wedding. You're nervous the night before your wedding anyway, right? So, we had our reception then. Between all the hugging and meeting and hosting, there really wasn't time to be nervous. In addition to that little benefit, the next day, when our marriage ceremony and wedding luncheon was over, we rode off into the sunset (literally--it was about 6:00 p.m.), free to start our new life, fresh and blissfully happy. It was awesome.

1. Speaking of riding off into the sunset, We didn't go on our actual honeymoon until about two weeks after our wedding. This was because of Eric's school schedule, but it worked out perfectly. Immediately after our wedding we had a weekend honeymoon-ette in Salt Lake City. That was fun and relaxing and required very little preparation (a good thing if you've just spent four months planning a wedding). Two weeks later, we took our real honeymoon to San Francisco. By this time we'd been living together for a bit and we were used to some of the (big) changes that come with married life. That made everything easier and more relaxed and just more fun. We had an absolute ball.

So, there you have it. I've been trying for about 10 minutes to come up with some witty way of ending this post, with no success. So, I'll just end it here and now--rather unwittily this time.

Have a nice weekend,


*I should mention that this advice is most appropriate for those who are planning an LDS Temple Wedding and Marriage in Utah. Utah weddings tend to be less extravagant and less expensive than weddings in other states, and when you add the LDS temple into that mix, it changes the festivities even more.

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Laura said...

I agree Charlotte. Any chance a couple can take to simplify the event, they should take it. Strive to make it pleasant, spiritual, and relaxing and FUN!!! Years later, people arent' going to remember your color scheme, crystal glasses, or beef tenderloin. I think theyll remember the emotional setting more than anything else. Was it comfortable and welcoming? Yes? Well bravo. Mission accomplished.

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