Thursday, January 10, 2008

Another Brilliant Idea by Charlotte

Remember how I was going to see about learning Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata?

Yeah, I recently looked at the sheet music for that, and I think I'd better wait a while.

However, Sunday night, as I was furiously practicing to get ready for my first piano lesson in nearly three weeks, I was struck by an idea that is nothing if not absolutely brilliant. I decided that I would learn how to play every song in the Children's Songbook. That way, at some point I will be able to serve (if asked) as the regular (or back-up) primary pianist!

See, I was thinking about our ward. The woman who is currently our Primary Pianist has been serving there for over three years now. Since the Primary classes meet at the same time as the Sunday School and Relief Society classes, she has been fairly isolated from most of the other adults in our ward for all that time. Now, being in primary is nothing if not fun. The kids are adorable, always saying or doing things that just make me laugh (or make me think), and it's just a great time. All the same, a little variety is always nice, and I think if I had been in primary for 3+ years, I might hanker for a little break sometimes. If there was someone who had the courage, and some of the skill to fill in for me at times, I know I'd be grateful. So, part of my motivation is that I'd like to be helpful for her.

The second part of the motivation is pure self-preservation (some might even call it laziness, but that is not my preferred term). See, as I look over the jobs that can be requested of women in the LDS church*, Primary Pianist looks pretty good to me. Think about it . . . you're in with those cute kids, and (as long as you know how to play all the songs), there is basically no preparation involved. No lessons to prepare, no organizational duties to perform, nothing like that. Basically, you show up, play whatever songs the chorister has decided the kids need to learn/sing, and go home. Heaven!!

So, I ran my brilliant idea by my teacher on Tuesday, and she was all for it. She got me on a schedule, gave me some sight-reading tips, and sent me home with instructions to have four songs learned (if possible) by next Tuesday. Since the book has 285 pages of music in it, I figure I should be ready to go by December of 2009.

Four songs (almost) down, two-hundred-and-eighty-one to go. Woo-Hoo!

*Relief Society Presidency, Relief Society Teacher, Enrichment Leader, Visiting Teaching Coordinator, Young Women Presidency, Primary Presidency, Primary Teacher, Primary Chorister, Cub Scout Den Leader, Activities Committee Chairperson or Committee Member, etc., etc. . . . you get the idea.


Tonya said...

That is a awesome idea. I think you'll do great! Besides, having all those sweet songs floating around in your head can't be a bad thing right?

Jodi said...

The great thing about primary is you can always cheat and play with the right hand only. The kids never know the difference. What an ambitious goal-I am very impressed!

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