Saturday, January 26, 2008

a review

Some (just some) of my favorite memories of 2007
(But just the memories. What that means is that with the exception of this remark, this particular entry will be completely devoid of the wordy explanations that you have come to expect on this site. Enjoy.)

January-Thinking I had developed hypothermia on my morning walk.

February-Burning a whole pan of perfectly shaped breadsticks while hosting a Valentine Dinner.

March-Hearing things I had never known about my Grandmother Corry.

April-Walking into a room in the Logan temple with my Eric, seeing all my siblings, all Eric's siblings, my parents, Eric's parents, most of my aunts & uncles, most of Eric's aunts and uncles, along with as many friends as we could fit there, waiting to see us sealed. Heaven!

May-Laying on the grass at a park in San Francisco, listening to jazz music with Eric.

June-Singing at Summerfest

July-Realizing that I didn't need to be as confused and frustrated with the American Political System as I had become.

August-Meeting up with a niece after having not seen her for four whole weeks, having her jump into my arms and tell me that she had missed me.

September-Chatting with Jeri face-to-face for several hours, for the first time in over six years.

October-Cuddling with Eric in the first Peter Breinholt Concert we'd ever attended together.

November-Tithing Settlement. (Thanksgiving was fun too)

December-Being in town for the Corry Family Caroling party for the first time in ten years.

What a GREAT year!

1 comment:

Tim said...

Tithing settlement in November? Your bishop must really be on the ball.

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