Friday, December 07, 2007

quiet rebellion

Well, I couldn't stay away.

Not that I really tried. As much as it may appear that I do everything recommended me by my monthly Reader's Digest, I've chosen to continue to blog in spite of next month's cover story. So there.

(Incidentally, what's up with sending out the January issue so that it arrives in my mailbox on December 5th? I mean, December 24th or 20th I could understand. But, December FIFTH?? Is that just a Christmas thing, or is it a general thing? I'll have to pay attention, and see when the February issue comes.)

All is well with us. Today I'm having lunch with Dorothea. Yippee!! Monday I'm having lunch with the Sugar Gliders. Yippee!! Tonight Eric and I will probably be dining on leftover Chicken Enchilada Casserole while we enjoy not having to go anywhere or do anything for a whole evening. Double Yippee!!

And that pretty much sums things up for us at the moment. Since this entry is a bit on the short side, I leave you with a listing of random questions I've had lately. Some of them could possibly show up in future blog posts. You just never know . . .

--What is it about sports that is so thrilling to my brothers ? They all scrutinize, analyze, often criticize, and generally obsess-size over every aspect of college and professional sports. What am I missing there? And what does BCS stand for?

--Why oh why did I buy two skeins of nice, super-soft baby yarn in creamsicle orange? Who in the world would be even the least bit pleased to receive a baby jacket in trend-setting creamsicle orange?

--What is it about comic books that makes me so drowsy? I've tried listening to relaxing music, white noise, recordings specifically generated to induce sleep, boring radio talk shows (no yellers though), and a whole bunch of other things to help me when it's too late to be awake and I'm too keyed-up to fall asleep. Nothing works as well as having Eric read to me from his comic of choice. Why would that be?

And finally,

--What should Eric and I give ourselves as a reward if (when) we make it through the holidays without gaining any weight? We're having our official weigh-in tomorrow, and we both need something to keep us from porking out too much over the next four weeks. It will have to be really good though, because we both love to eat (especially me), and Christmas is a time when there are a lot of good treats that you don't get any other time of year. So, the inner joy and satisfaction that comes from taking good care of our bodies just isn't going to cut it this time.

And that's it for today. May you all have fabulous weekends.

(And if any of you want an infant- size creamsicle sweater, let me know. I bet I finish it this weekend.)


Jake said...

What is the BCS! Are you even my sister? The Bowl Championship Series my dear sister is only the worst thing to ever happen to the little man. It's a national system to regulate discrimination against all the mid-major colleges in the nation. (next thing you'll be asking me what a mid-major college is)

Sporting events are the opera of tomorrow.

BluegrassGreenway said...

I could totally use and infant size cremesicle orange infant sweater.

Charlotte said...

Amy--It's all yours! Merry Christmas!

I'll get that in the mail this week.

Jake--yup, I have no idea what a mid-major college is.

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