Friday, December 28, 2007

a quick note

We had a good Christmas. We traveled to Cedar City to spend the holiday with my family there, and it was a whole lot of fun, with a few good surprises and a few surprises that weren't so good. Overall though, it was a great time, and I feel more ready to take on the world again, after having a little break.

Among the not-so-good-surprises, We stopped in Salt Lake City en route to look at the lights on Temple square. It was beautiful, but freaking freezing! Also, during our time in Cedar City, there was this strain of the stomach flu that made the rounds of different family members. For the sake of discretion, I'll just say that we were not entirely untouched. Yuck. We're feeling much better now though.

Among the good surprises, for the first time in ages, we had nearly perfect weather for the multi-hour drive down, and quite decent weather for the (again multi-hour) drive back. Nice. And then, I can't forget the beautiful silver sparkly necklace that Eric gave me for Christmas (among other things). All my nieces (who were entranced with their princess dress-ups, princess tea sets, princess telephones, and princess Polly Pocket dolls) seemed just a little envious of my "real princess" jewelry. Fortunately, their envy didn't extend so far that they took me up on one of my rash (and not-well-thought out) offers to trade. (Whew!)

And that's about it. Looking over that last paragraph, I think I'd better end this, before I write a whole page entirely made up of parenthetical remarks. I seem to be getting on a roll.

Happy holidays!

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Tonya said...

I'm glad you guys had a nice Christmas minus the icky tummy stuff. Welcome home!

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