Thursday, December 20, 2007


One of my sisters-in-law ( Melissa ) tagged me to write 6 mystery things about myself. I've been kind of burned out on blog tags lately (because you know, I've done like three other blog tags on this blog, and that's just a whole lot if you ask me-wink, wink), but since it was Melissa's first time, and since I did enjoy reading hers, I decided to give it a go. So, here they are, the six mysterious things about me:

1. (Warning: This one is a little bit gross. Feel free to skip it) When I was in high school, I ate a raw fish eyeball that was sticking out of the skull of one of the trout that my brothers had brought home from a fishing trip. By doing it, I won a bet, and Brother#1 gave me $10. I used it to purchase crochet magazines at the craft store. From then on I lived in fear that someone in my family would tell my friends and they would be too grossed out to hang out with me anymore.

2. Just a few years ago (when I was old enough to know better), I bet Brother#4 $20 that he couldn't fit all of an almond in a mold the size of a regular Hershey Kiss. I lost the bet. I have no idea how Brother#4 spent that money.

3. I once received a marriage proposal via a game of Hangman. I was on my second date with a guy, and he asked me to play hangman with him. I thought it was odd, but I agreed to do it. The spaces for the letters looked like this (except there were spaces in a few places. I can't get blogger to do that. I don't know HTML and so I can't fix it):

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ ?

As I guessed the letters, I realized (with shock and dismay) that the words spelled out the phrase, "Will you marry me?" My answer was no. I don't think he was too heartbroken however. I learned the following summer that he had proposed to another girl mere weeks after our hangman experience.

4. I love chocolate in practically everything, with the one exception that I can barely stand English Toffee in any form.

5. Although my favorite color is yellow, when it comes to flowers, I prefer reds, lavenders, purples, and other jewel tones.

6. I rode through the Great Smoky Mountains in a Suburban with my family when I was 17 years old. We were exploring the Southern United States, and as we were driving through the Great Smoky Mountains, I was much more interested in reading my book than looking out the window. This seemed odd to my mom, and she told me that if I wasn't careful, my only memory of driving through this national landmark would be of the book I was reading.

In a way she was kind-of right. I don't remember the book I was reading, but the one thing I DO remember about drive through those mountains was that very conversation . (I did go back to the Great Smoky Mountains a few years ago, and I didn't crack a book the whole time we were there).

And there you have it: fish eyes, Hershey Kisses, marriage proposals, English Toffee, flowers, and the Great Smoky Mountains. It's a regular potpourri of random-ness, don't you think?

And with that, I leave you. All is well with us. I made Gumbo for the first time last night. It wasn't as good as my Texas Belle Tayneshia used to make, but for a first time, I was pretty pleased.


p.s. If you have a blog and would like to write six mysterious things about yourself, consider yourself tagged. Or, if you don't have a blog, and want to leave a comment with six mysterious things about yourself, that would be just fine too.


Jake said...

I met a couple in the clinic this morning who told me about a story of my older sister jumping on a bunkbed in Havasu when she was 16. Apparently this sister fell though the top bed and landed on the bottom bed with her torso securly trapped in the top bed. I thought it was a funny story that would certainly qualify as one of the six things I didn't know about her.

Wait a minute you wanted to know 6 things about me. Oh well.

Josi said...

I'm not accepting the tag--I'm a bit tagged out--but I enjoyed yours. I once babysat for kids that plucked the eyes out of a fish in the fridge and ate them. I about threw up and wouldn't babysit for them anymore. So there you have it, I won't babysit you :-)

Tonya said...

Okay...ewwwww to the fish eye but I totally get why you did it.

I can't believe that guy asking you to marry him on the 2nd date was a cute way to ask if it wasn't so creepy.

melissa c said...

I loved this my dear! Isn't it funny how we lived together for a whole year and yet I am still learning new things from you!

I can totally picture the fish eye thing. You very seldom were afraid of things like that!

Incidentally, I still have not received an afgan (sp?). I will keep waiting!!!

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