Monday, December 10, 2007


Scene: The breakfast nook. Charlotte and Eric are feasting on their typical sumptuous evening meal.

Charlotte: So, are you planning to come to that Christmas concert that I'm singing in?

Eric (somewhat surprised at the question): Well, I have to come, don't I?

Charlotte (pleasantly surprised at the answer): Actually, yeah, you pretty much do.

Eric (seeing a brand new window of opportunity and kicking himself for not negotiating earlier) : Well . . . I mean, you probably don't really need me there, right?

Charlotte (feeling herself losing ground): Well . . . I guess not, but I'd like to have you there.

Eric (a little unsure): Well . . . if you really want me to go, I guess I could. I could bring my sketchbook or something to do.

Charlotte (remembering some of the more boring concerts she's attended over the years): Well, we'll see. Let me think about it for a bit.

Scene: The kitchen, by the sink. Charlotte and Eric have just returned from church, and are participating in a little bit of Sunday afternoon snogging.

Charlotte: Okay, I have got to leave in FIVE MINUTES for this concert!

Eric (a little distracted): Why so soon?

Charlotte: We have a rehearsal before the performance, and if I'm late I'll be in big big trouble.

Eric (tentatively) :Umm . . . so, what time is this concert anyway?

Charlotte: Seven o'clock. You aren't planning on coming, are you?

Eric (face twists into a "What can I say here that won't get me in trouble, but won't entail attending this concert" expression): Ummm . . .

Charlotte (magnanimously): Because you don't have to. (She thinks to herself: "Because I want to save my 'do-this-because-you-love-me' wild cards for a time when it is REALLY important to me")

Eric (obviously relieved): Oh, really? Well, okay, I mean, if you really don't care . . .

* * *
So, the concert was last night. It went really well, and I had a great time. The music was beautiful, and the Tabernacle (where the concert was held) was absolutely packed. I've never seen so many people in that building at one time before. There were people sitting on the windowsills (I've seen that before), and people who had to stand the entire time (I've never seen that before). I was amazed.

Tonight I think I'm going to make the Christmas tamales, and Eric has to finish the Young Men's budget. If we have any conversations over these activities that are blog worthy, I'll be sure to post them here.



Jake said...

I bet he just wanted to stay home and contemplate the BCS mess.

melissa c said...

I have to say, I love the way you write! I could totally picture it.

I did make Bry come to the first Messiah sing in but I wont make him come to the second! lol.

So many more of those conversations will come! Good luck!

Laura said...

Should I know what snogging is? I'm not very cool- so maybe that's why I don't know...I like the way it sounds though...
Is it sneezing while drinking egg nog?

Charlotte said...

Well, I'm getting all my information on this from the last two Harry Potter Books, but from what I can gather, "snogging" is British slang for "kissing". I used it (even though I wasn't entirely certain of the definition) because "Sunday afternoon snogging" has a better ring to it than "Sunday afternoon kissing"

And as to you not being very cool . . . por favor! You're the only google-meister I know. Very cool indeed.

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