Saturday, November 24, 2007

twelve short months

Well, the pies turned out just fine, even the Lemon Meringue. Whew! As it turned out, I made a key lime pie and an apple-cranberry pie in addition to the chocolate, pecan, and lemon pies that were planned. They all turned out surprisingly well. I took pictures, but I can't find the USB cable to get them downloaded at the moment. So perhaps I'll post some later. Perhaps not though. I mean really, how exciting could these pictures be? They are just pies, after all.

The night before Thanksgiving, (after I had finished with most of the pies) Eric and I went to a movie. We saw the new Disney flick, Enchanted, and we both really enjoyed it. It's cute and really funny, and it made for a great evening for us. Then, the actual Thanksgiving dinner was just a lot of fun. We didn't have too much extra family this time around--just Eric's parents, Greg & Tamara (Eric's brother) and their kids, and one other family who have been long-time Cantwell friends. So, no one had to travel through the canyon to get to our holiday feast, which made it really convenient for all of us. The food was fantastic, and it was really nice to have little down time, especially for Enrique the great. Poor guy, between school and work and Young Men's, and some of his other projects, he's barely had time to breathe lately.

Yesterday Eric had to work, but I didn't, so I spent the day doing at little shopping (not at 4 a.m. though, thank you very much), doing a little cleaning, and getting our Christmas tree and other decorations all set up. Since I was by myself most of the day, I had a little bit of extra time to think. Sometimes having extra time to think can be a bad thing for me, because "think time" can turn to "worry time" within a matter of seconds, if I'm not careful. But this time, it turned out to be a very good thing for me.

You see, yesterday and today, I've been realizing what I was doing last year at this time. A year ago tomorrow, I returned home from a trip to Paris. It was a great trip, and I enjoyed it thoroughly, but it did have a down side in that I'd been dating this guy for a couple of months before we left, and I'd given him my heart enough that I missed him quite a bit while I was gone. I especially remember walking through the Louvre, looking at all these different paintings, and missing my Eric. So, that was kind of hard. Sometimes hard things can turn into joyful things overnight though, and that turned out to be the case with us. See, at the same time that I was moping around Paris missing my Eric, (I later discovered) Eric was moping around Cache Valley, missing his Charlotte.

And so, I don't think it was any coincidence that within a week of us getting back in the same country, we had determined that we wanted to get married. It took us a couple of weeks after that to get a ring and make it all official, but it was just under a year ago that Eric and I decided that we would marry.

As I look back over the last twelve months, I remember a year with a whole lot of excitement and a whole lot of change. It's also been a year of a lot of discoveries, and stretching, and growing, and learning. (It's also been a year of a lot of kissing! Wa-Hoo!) Actually, it's been a year of more experiences and lessons and priceless moments than I could even begin to write (lucky for you). And it's been an exceptionally good year for me.

Probably my favorite so far.


Denae said...

That is a sweet story. I think the first year of marriage can be great in so many ways and it sounds like yours was. happy thanksgiving! We liked Enchanted too!

Tonya said...

What a nice story. I'm glad you have found such happiness and I'm glad the pies turned out for you.

Jake said...

Sometimes I miss Eric too.

Charlotte said...

Aww, are you a sweet bro-in-law or what?

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