Monday, November 26, 2007

Signs of the Season

Or--we could just call this one "Playing Around with the Camera during Thanksgiving Break"
(What could possibly be keeping these FIVE boys completely mesmerized? Could it be . . . a robot?)

(Remember this sweater?)


Jeri said...

The pies look FANTASTIC!!! I myself had a pie crust fiasco. What was the recipe you used for your crust?

Charlotte said...

Recipe??? Please! This is Butter Brickle Frosting girl you're talking to here. Those crusts were pre-made by Marie Callendar herself! I bought them at Maceys for $1 each.

(I did manage to bake them without burning the edges, and of that I'm totally proud)

Harmony said...

Your pies look delicious! I've got a good pie crust recipe from Tina Hammer if you ever want to try the next step. :-)

melissa c said...

Great pics charlotte. I have gotten my tree up but not decorated! It just stands there as though it has grown out of the ground!

Pretty, but doesn't smell good. I hate fake trees but it is hard to find real ones in this area I have found!

Plus, I don't worry as much about fire! lol

Anyway, Loved the post

Laura said...

I think you should make all of your readers a pie....people love to give me suggestions for MY blog so I am giving you a suggestion for YOURS.
Pie Pie Pie ( I chant from the east coast)

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