Thursday, November 15, 2007

Limericks for Sisters

What is it about November?

It was my sister's birthday last Sunday (Veteran's Day), and the birthday of one of my sisters-in-law yesterday. Yet another sister-in-law has a birthday on Saturday. So, in honor of all these auspicious women and their auspicious birthdays, I present to you:

The Three Sister Birthday Limericks

-by Charlotte C. Cantwell

Limerick #1

For Becca
We were two daughters mixed among boy after boy,
We shared a room, but very rarely a toy.
But now we laugh on the phone,
And we might laugh over this poem.
And over the memories that time won't destroy.

(Talking with Becca on the phone rates right up there with singing and eating chocolate cake for me. There really aren't many things that I like more. )

Limerick #2

For Maegan
I met this girl when she was quite young,
On my father's track teams she did run.
She is fleet on her feet,
But even better, she's sweet.
And she sure adds to our family fun.

(Four out of my five siblings married people they became close to while running on the Cedar High School Cross-Country and Track & Field Teams. Maegan is an especially talented runner, but even more importantly (to me), she's terribly friendly and quick to laugh)

Limerick #3

For Tamara

And now we're to the sister I (more often) see,
Since she lives within a few miles of me.
We play "Acquire" too late,
And at times double-date,

And in many ways, my hero is she.

(Tamara is the mother to two boys and three girls, with the oldest being only six or seven years old. I have no idea how I would manage that. Now, I'm sure Tamara has her hard days, but I get the distinct impression that she has far many more happy & content days than otherwise.)

In other news, things are mostly fine with us. For no really discernible reason, I got pretty grumpy last night, which led to me feeling overwhelmed, discouraged, and sad, and those bad feelings carried over into this morning. I hate it when I let myself do that. Anyway, I'm feeling quite a bit better now. There's nothing like writing a cheesy limerick or two (or three) to really lighten your spirits, you know?

And with that, I'll end today's ramblings. Tune in tomorrow. It's Eric's birthday and I've got yet another birthday poem in the works. You won't want to miss it.

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