Monday, October 15, 2007

Transvestites -R-Us

Warning: There are incredibly, even embarassingly cheesy pictures posted at the end of this entry.


So, a few months ago, Eric and I were out running errands, and we stopped in at Ross Dress For Less. Our main reason was to get some shirts for Eric, since he really didn't have any casual-but-not-ratty shirts. While we were there, in addition to finding some nice shirts for Eric, I found a sweater that I quite liked. So we got it as well. There were two surprising things about this:

1. The sweater was in the men's section of the store. Now, I know many many women who often purchase clothing in the men's section, and they look adorable, and probably save money as well. It just so happens that I am not often one of those women.

2. The sweater was brown with orange stripes, two colors which have been among my least favorite for several years now.


Two weeks ago, Eric and I took a day trip to Salt Lake City, just to play around and get out of town before the weather turned cold and yucky. (As it turned out, it rained all day on the day that we went. Oh well.) Eric hit the comic book store (of course) while I checked out the new-ish Salt Lake Public Library. We ran around some other places, and eventually ended up at the Sugarhouse DI (a thrift store in a more upscale neighborhood than is usually the case for thrift stores), where we bought a couple of videos, a couple of skirts, and Eric's Brown Sweater.

This would not be so noteworthy except for the fact that the sweater in question is, in fact, a women's sweater. Odd, huh? We found it on the racks in the men's department, but from the tag and the size and the type of yarn used, and (let's face it), just from looking at it, it is (and was) pretty obvious to both me and Eric that it's a women's sweater. But, Eric liked it, and so we bought it as well.

And so my friends, that is how it came to be that Eric and I went out on the town two nights ago, in front of any who might care to look, in cross-gender clothing.

Hey, at least we were warm, right?

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Mandy Rich said...

Ok That was a funny story!! I love your sweaters! No one would even know!

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