Sunday, October 21, 2007


Friday night I went to Salt Lake City for a little bit of girl time. Katerina and I went to a performance of The Flying Dutchman put on by Utah Opera. It was my first time seeing anything composed by Wagner, and I enjoyed it. I wasn't absolutely mesmerized or anything like that though. It seems that when it comes to Opera, only Puccini can absolutely mesmerize me. (And boy, can he ever! Tosca, La Boheme, Turandot, The Girl of the Golden West, Madame Butterfly, Manan Lescaut they all have those soaring romantic melodies that just hit me right in the center of the heart!)

Luckily for me, the next offering Utah Opera will have will be none other than Puccini's Tosca, in January. I have season tickets (waaaay up in the balcony), and so I'll be seeing it then, probably with Linda, who bought season tickets with me, but wasn't able to make it on Friday. Tosca is probably my second favorite opera, with La Boheme taking the top spot. I've actually performed in the choruses of two professional operas and one operetta, and Tosca was my first. (For those of you familiar with the story, I was cast as the "third rich Catholic lady from the left" in the "Te Deum" scene. )

Actually, now that I think of it, the company I work for will be producing Manon Lescaut this summer. So, it would appear that I'm going to be able to see Puccini in both the Summer and the Winter of 2008. That must be some kind of record for me. What can I say? I must be living right!

That's probably enough for now. Before I close though, I do have one totally unrelated thing. I have another rhyming opportunity coming next week, (apparently the birthday poetry phase has yet to end!) and I'm stuck on one word that absolutely HAS to be there. The word is "Skittles" (as in, those multicolored fruity candies). Any suggestions would be welcome, welcome, welcome.


scullery maid said...

does this friend also like to "whittle" at camp or maybe maybe "twiddle" their fingers?

(The second one might be stretching)

Bamamoma said...

how 'bout riddles? or middles? or giddles (a creative derivative of giddy). :)

Jeri said...

has said birthday person traded in single life for baby "spittles"??? or maybe an animal lover cleaning up puppy dog "piddles"????

SP said...

When eating your "vittles" include some "skittles".

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