Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Progress Report

Well, I thought this would be a good time to have a little check-in on the "things to do" list that I'm currently working on.

NUMBER ONE: I did it! I performed the "Andante Spianato" by Chopin at my teacher's fall recital last Friday evening. This is the first time I've performed at one of her recitals, even though I've been studying for nearly two years. My teacher doesn't ever require her adult students to perform, but she does allow and even encourage us to perform whenever we feel so inclined. So, I went for it, and it actually went pretty well. Granted, I was the oldest performer there by about 20 years, but it was still a really great experience for me. I was scared out of my mind, and I find that it's good for me to be scared out of my mind once every 3-4 months or so. A side benefit of the whole thing was the amount of practice time I was somehow able to find. Honestly, you would not believe the amount of practicing I did to ensure that I wouldn't make myself a fool. I was a practicing maniac!

NUMBER TWO: I started on Adobe Photoshop last night. I kind of jumped around, using the help menus (and for an hour or so, with very little progress. Fortunately, Eric came home before I had a chance to get too discouraged, and after about 10 minutes of his help, I was feeling like I had actually learned something. I have far to go still of course, but at least I've started.

NUMBER THREE: I've 75% finished with the full-size afghan. Haven't started the baby afghan yet though.

NUMBER ELEVEN: It looks like I might be doing a fairly random, fairly public singing performance in January. Details are sketchy at this point, but I'll fill you in as it gets more certain.

NUMBER FIFTEEN: I'm down two pounds. I've also started re-reading "Thin for Life" by Anne Fletcher. It's a book I read several years ago, the last time I was feeling like my weight was kind of getting away from me for no apparent reason. I liked it then, and I think I'm going to like it again now. If you want to know more about the book, you can go to this site.

NUMBER TWENTY-FOUR: This one was a late-add. Eric and I were able to do it with Dorothea and Sergei, and you can read (briefly) about it here and here.

NUMBER TWENTY-FIVE: This is another late-add. About a month ago, I read (in Reader's Digest of course) about the whole mystery shopping business, and I decided to check it out. I went to, and have been checking the listings every 2-3 days for assignments in my area. Earlier this week I was finally offered one that interested me, and I completed it today. I probably shouldn't give too many details about it just yet ('cause then it wouldn't be a mystery, ya know?) but perhaps in a couple of weeks or months I'll do a post about some of my mystery shopping experiences (assuming I end up having more than just this one).

And that's all for today folks!


Bamamoma said...


Reading all that you are doing makes me feel like a slug. I've always been impressed by your desire and ability to be about doing good things and improving your interests and talents. I'm also impressed that you don't let frightening things stop you. I've never known you to allow pride (or the thought of looking silly) stop you from doing something. You are inspiring!

Charlotte said...

What a nice thing to say! Thanks!

Of course, if you are a slug, I'm a glacier (or a slab of granite, take your pick). Truly, if I was living your life and made a list of all the new things I was learning and experiencing and conquering, it would be at least twice as long as the one I've got.

Shoot, you've got me by finishing "To Kill a Mockingbird" alone!

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