Friday, October 12, 2007

I haven't done a meme in a while

It's been awhile since I've done a meme, and I've been tagged a few times. Here's one from Melissa, clear back from August. It's a "middle name" meme. You're supposed to list one fact that is somehow relevant to your life for each letter of your middle name.

J-J is for jubilation. It is my favorite word in the whole English language. When I think of that word, I think of a great big waterfall of jelly beans, (not the jelly bellies with the speckles and marbles though--the jelly beans of this particular daydream are all solidly colored) falling over one end of a table and ending up in a big multi-colored mess of goodness on the floor. Don't ask me why. (I don't really even like to eat jelly beans)

U-U is for uncles--I had 13 of them before I got married. Now I have even more. I've turned to many of my uncles for support, advice, and especially love over the years. One of my great-uncles was actually much more like a grandfather to me than an Uncle. His name was Scott, and he and his wife (Ruth) were unable to have children. So, they adopted all their nieces and nephews, one of which was my father. Actually, I'll probably do a post on them one of these days. I have a lot of fun, odd memories associated with them.

L-L is for letters. I've always been a letter-writer. When I was young I would exchange letters with one of my cousins nearly every week. When I got into college, I religiously wrote to several of my guy friends as they were serving LDS missions. I write a weekly journal entry (which I consider to be a letter to my (as yet non-existent) posterity), and I write a quarterly update e-mail, which I send to all my family and a whole bunch of friends every three months.

I-I is kind of a hard one. There aren't that many words that start with "I", you know? Okay, I is for Israel. I would love to go to Israel at some point in the next 40 or so years.

E-E is for Eating. I love to eat. I should weigh 300+ pounds for all the enjoyment that I get from eating. Especially sweets. I can say "no" to potato chips and steaks, and seafood, and fresh-baked bread and creamy gooey pasta with relative ease, but get me near a bag of chocolate chip cookies, and they just might be gone before the hour is out. I once ate a whole half-gallon of chocolate peanut butter ice cream in a two-hour period. (Granted, it was while I was waiting for the mailman to bring my results from the CPA examination, but still!)

N-N is for Nice. I really strive to be nice, polite, kind, considerate, all of that stuff. Sometimes I'm wildly successful, and sometimes I'm not. (My success at this is often directly related to the amount of sleep I'm getting at a particular time)

Now I'm supposed to tag one person for each letter of my middle name. I think rather than calling out names, I'll just open it up to anyone. If you read this and feel so inclined to post your own, please, go for it. (dishboy and scullery maid, you can can post in the comments. Come on, you know you want to!)

Oh--one more thing: My middle name is actually "Corry", not "Julien". I actually didn't have an official middle name until I got married last April. Since my parents didn't give me a one when I was born, I spent my childhood being jealous of my friends and brothers who had exotic middle names like "Lyn" or "Lee" or "Anne", or (in the case of my brothers) "Willis". You would think I would have grown out of that unreasonable envy, but you'd be wrong. When I was about twenty, I decided that I would give myself a middle name, and that the chosen name would be Julien. I even had my college graduation announcements printed with the name "Charlotte Julien" on them. That threw a few people, my grandparents chief among them, for a bit of a loop.


Dishboy said...

W is for weary as I have been very weary for the past 4 years.

I is for Ignorant. I seem to get in a lot of trouble for being ignorant of the female mind

L is for Laughter. I really enjoy laughing (and having people laugh at me as is generally the case).

L is for Loud. I have never been accused of being too quiet.

I is for Indiana. I hope to be living in Indiana this time next year.

S is for South Bend. See I for explanation.

Bamamoma said...

J is for Jovial
O is for Ordinary

scullery maid said...

As I have no middle name and never took the opportunity to give myself one I guess I will have to resort to my maiden name.

P is for Potty Trainging. This has been a big part of my life the last month or so.

O is for Organized to the point of OCD.

W is for waiting. I hate waiting, be on time or don't come at all.

E is for Eager. I can never do anything half way and often jump in head first to everything.

L is for Listener. This is something I have as a goal to focus on and improve.

L is for Love. I love my family with all my heart even when "P" doesn't go so well.

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