Thursday, October 18, 2007

Happy Birthday Jeri!

Okay--today just might not be Jeri's birthday. It might be tomorrow. I can't remember for certain. That's just the kind of friend I am.

But just in case it IS today, and NOT tomorrow, I'm going to post the Jeri birthday poem today. Because you know, it's much better to be early wishing someone a happy birthday than to be late.

Don't you agree?

And now, without further adieu (or is it a-doo?), I give you

by Charlotte C. Cantwell

In relating our memories, I could do it by the dozens,
I met Jeri one day when I was visiting my cousins.

It was a quick meeting then, but soon I would see
That she would be my lifesaver as I started SUSC.

(It's true--Jeri and I met while I was singing at the missionary farewell of one of my cousins. A few years later, she came down to SUSC (Now SUU) and walked into my Sociology 101 class. It was the first day of school, and I was feeling very lost and alone and afraid. As soon as I saw her, I recognized her as the very good friend of my cousin in American Fork, Utah. I called to her and made her come sit next to me. I introduced myself, and she befriended me immediately. We eventually became the best of friends, roommates, kindred spirits, crying buddies, laughing buddies, traveling buddies, you name it! Sometimes I wonder how my college experience (and even the rest of my life) would have been different if I hadn't coerced Jeri into being my best friend that day. Hmmm . . .)

I put a tape line through our room, so we'd each have our own side,
We tried our hand(s) at sign language, and the electric slide.

(this is absolutely true. I'm embarrassed to admit it, but when we were roommates, I put a tape line through the whole room, dividing the room into two sides-hers and mine. It was really a joke and all in good fun, but still . . . Sometimes, just for fun, I would purposely put some of my things over the line by an inch or two and see if she would notice. I'd do other things to tease her as well, but those are probably stories for another post.)

And the places we traveled, from the Lake of Salt*,
We always got lost, and it was always my fault.

We went cruising to Mexico and flew to San Fran
We saw leaves in New England, and in the Hamptons, got a tan

(*Otherwise known as Salt Lake City--hey--you try to rhyme something with "fault"! It's tough work!)

We've giggled on the telephone, and written letters galore,
I still need to meet all her children (she's almost got four).

I think I've rambled enough, the silliness needs to end
Before I spill details that would embarrass my friend

(Or more likely, embarrass myself! Wait a minute! I've already done that!)

So I'll end this fine poem with a "Hear ye! Hear ye!"
I'm a kindred spirit to Jeri, how lucky for me!

And that's it for today. For those of you who have birthdays coming up and are hoping(dreading) for your own birthday poem, don't get your hopes (or fears) too high (or low). This could very well be just a passing phase of mine.



Cramster said...

Good job with the poem! Between you and Heidi I am impressed. You rhymed and it even made sense.

Keep them coming.

Jeri said...

I LOVE it - Thank you! I just got back from a rather disheartening Dr. appointment, and you just made my day a thousand times better!

Harmony said...

Love the poetry Charlotte! Happy birthday Jeri!

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