Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Birthday Poetry for ALL! (or at least one more)

Well, you guessed it, it's another fall birthday of another dear girlfriend. How did I end up with so many friends with fall birthdays? It's enough to make me almost believe in astrology! (almost)

So, without wasting any more time, here is the Katrina Birthday Poem:

Ode to Katrina
-By Charlotte C. Cantwell

We bonded over a bag of Skittles,
At a ball game that gave us the "chiddles". (chills)
We sang with the band,
And got quite out of hand,
There were tubas but absolutely no fiddles.

I had met Katrina earlier, but we really bonded at an afternoon football game several years ago. We got kind of cold (although that's stretching it), and as we shared a big bag of Skittles, the sugar went straight to my head and I ended up being really very very silly. Luckily for me, Katrina was patient with my silliness, and even joined in with quite a bit of silliness of her own. We were fast friends from that day on.

From that day she was always my friend,
For year after year with no end.
Though to the south she has moved,
Kindergartners, she's proved,
Give us stories- our sides split, they rend. (splitting our sides with laughter, that is)

A few years ago Katrina moved to the Salt Lake area where she started teaching Kindergarten. One of the highlights of my weeks/months are when she calls me or e-mails me with some of the funny things that those kids say and do. It's absolutely amazing at times.

Now, what else can I say of this girl?
Her hair's full of natural curl.
And inside and out,
She'll be spunky AND devout,
And she's an absolute gem (or a pearl).

In Russia she kept me from crying, (because I couldn't speak or understand a word of Russian)
And we have stories you'd swear we were lying.
Tales of crazy tour guides,
who took us for rides.
I'm surprised we got out without dying.

Some day I'll have to do a whole post about the quirky adventures we had together in St. Petersburg in the Spring of 2000. Crazy crazy times.

But through all our adventures and such,
She's never lost her magic touch.
And her patience she's kept,
Oh we've laughed and we've wept.
And I'm grateful--oh, so very much.

Happy Happy Happy Birthday Katrina!


Bamamoma said...

Yes, happy b'day K.

Jodi said...

That looks like Kristie Bell in the picture. Is Katrina her pen name?

Charlotte said...

Well, yeah. I'm just silly enough that I give most of my friends aliases when I write about them.

(Until they get their own blogs and reveal themselves. Once that happens, they're on their own!)

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