Tuesday, September 04, 2007

The weekend report

I had a lovely lovely weekend.

Friday I got together with Camilla, Ilsa, Bonita Juanita, Elenita and Sylvia for our annual "the Friday before Labor Day Campout". Last year we set up a tent in Camilla & Slyvia's backyard, this year we ditched the tent and slept on the living room floor. We ate carne asada (delicious!) and Marie Calendar Chocolate Satin Pie (my favorite dessert), and told stories and laughed and laughed. We were going to play games and/or watch a DVD, but we all had too much to say and to hear for any of that. So, we just talked and ate and laughed. It was lovely.

Saturday Eric and I toyed with the idea of going to Salt Lake to do some shopping that we simply couldn't do at home, but we got going too late, and so we stuck around home mostly. Sunday was a low key day as well.

Monday we slept in, met Eric's parents and nephews for lunch at Costa Vida, and eventually made our way into the mountains for a little bit of fossil hunting. The canyon was beautiful, and we had a great time playing together up there. We even found several fossils, although we left nearly all of them up the mountain. Do you remember the days when you were a kid and you'd go looking for rocks? Any sparkly rock I found would eventually find its way into my bedroom, where it would spend the next 10 years in a shoebox in the closet, before eventually being tossed out. I was sorely tempted to take a rock or two home with me (because of the fossils, you know), until I remembered that shoebox. It took a fair amount of will power to leave my treasures there on the mountain, but both Eric and I were strong and we managed.

Or so we thought . . .

An hour after we returned home, as we were snacking on leftover salad and not-leftover tomato sandwiches, Eric fished in his pocket and brought out two flat rocks. He had put them in his pocket to be used as skipping stones, and promptly forgotten about them. Not having a lake or pond or creek in our complex, he determined to trash the stones.

And now it's Tuesday, and life is pretty much back to normal. I was able to go walking this morning with a friend of mine who I haven't seen or said more than "hello" to in over 14 years. We went to high school together, and were on Cross-Country and the Track and Field teams together there. Then life took us different places and we lost touch. But her husband just got a job teaching at Utah State University here, and so we're back to living in the same area. Yippee!

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Harmony said...

I should know this high school friend, shouldn't I? I'm curious about who else has joined me in academia wifehood. :-)

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