Monday, September 24, 2007

An Update

Well, not too much is going on, so here's just a brief update on some of the things that I've mentioned before (and some of the things that I haven't mentioned before)

  • I haven't had any cooking disasters lately, which has been a nice change, although it doesn't make for very interesting blogging. (I did do a little bit of "jazz cooking"* yesterday, with some surprisingly good results. I made a casserole with chicken, swiss cheese, cream of chicken soup and breadcrumbs, and both Eric and I thought it was pretty tasty. That's kind of a rare occurrence.)
  • Eric and I decided to call the first week of our bet a "practice round", and we've started the bet again in earnest. So, I'm still in the running for the gift card. Whew!
  • We had our ward Primary Program yesterday, and it went miraculously well. (I say miraculously, because we had a practice for the program the day before. I won't go into too much detail about the practice, except to say that I left it very discouraged and sure that the program was going to be an absolute disaster. As it turned out, it wasn't even close to a disaster. I call that a an absolute miracle)
  • I drove to American Fork on Saturday to attend a bridal shower for one of my cousins. While there I was able to meet up with Jennalyce and have our first longer-than-5-minute-face-to-face conversation in over six years. What a treat!

So that's what's been going on lately. Today has been a fairly low-key day. The sky has been overcast pretty much all day, with sporadic sprinklings of rain here and there. I've been a little bit on the grumpy side today, and when I feel that way, I'm always tempted to go into analyzation-override, which is when I examine every minute detail of my life and try to determine what is going on that is contributing to my grumpiness. But, I'm fighting the temptation. The fact is, my present mood almost surely has much more to do with the dark clouds outside my window than with any aspect in my current situation. I guess I'll know for sure when the sun comes out (which isn't fore casted to happen until the weekend--rats!).

So until then, I'll curtail my analyzing tendencies, and focus on other things. I don't know what they will be at this point, but if they're blog-worthy (and not too personal for the world-wide-web), rest assured that you'll hear about them.


*Jazz Cooking is the kind of cooking that Heidi does. I generally do "by-the-book-cooking", even if I'm making a recipe that I've made a million times before. I don't have a great memory for things like measurements, and (as I think we've established with some of the stories in this blog) I don't have very trustworthy instincts when it comes to measurements, cooking times, accent spices, etc. Heidi, on the other hand is GREAT at improvising while cooking. Hence the term "Jazz Cooking"


Bamamoma said...

do I have the solution for your cloudy-day blues ... it was 94 in Anniston today and not a cloud in the sky. I bit too warm for me but maybe we should plan that trip soon. (Of course by January you might really need it and then you could see the daffodils). Congrats on the successful jazz cooking! hugs.

Tonya said...

I have been involved in the primary program for the last couple of years and have found that the Lord blesses our efforts. It never seems to come together and then like you said, a miracle occurs :o)

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