Thursday, November 22, 2007

Things to Do


(Which will happen in March)

1. Perform Chopin’s Andante Spinato in a piano recital-DONE 10/12/07

2. Learn Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator

3. Finish at least one full-size afghan and one baby-size afghan DONE 11/18/07

4. Hand embroider at least 4 pillowcases

5. Learn at least one new guitar song

6. Learn the names of 10 new people

7. Be able to do Urdhva Dhanurasana (Upward Bow Pose/Backbend) eight times for 5-10 seconds each time

8. Learn to make a new main dish-DONE 10/3/07

9. Learn to make a new salad

10. Go two months without eating one bite of deep-fried food

11. Sing in public at least one time DONE 12/9/07

12. Be able to do Vrksasana (Tree Pose) for five minutes on each leg

13. Attend the temple ten times

14. Host a theme party of some kind

15. Lose at least five pounds (preferably 10-15)

16. Go to Smith & Edwards with Eric

17. Sing with members of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir DONE 12/9/07

18. Plant an indoor herb garden

19. Get caught up on reading all my back issues of Reader’s Digest

20. Give away one Book of Mormon

21. Play the piano in Primary at least once

22. Go to a town/city/place that I’ve never been in before

23. Write a poem or a song (birthday poems don't count)

24. Attend General Conference in person DONE 10/7/07

25. Complete an assignment as a "mystery shopper" DONE 10/17/07

26. See my very first Wagner Opera DONE 10/19/07

27. Shampoo our carpets all by myself for the first time ever DONE 11/8/07

28. Get a Pedicure (for the first time ever)(using a gift certificate from my wedding shower eight months ago) DONE 11/17/07

29. Make an edible Lemon Meringue Pie (preferably in my pajamas, apparently) DONE 11/22/07

I've actually done lists like this one on and off for many years now. I usually try to put at least a few things on the list that will really make me stretch, as well as having a few things on the list that are just plain random and fun. Then I always have some things on the list that I already have lined up to do. If you think that's cheating, you'll want to stop reading here, because I take it even one step further. As I go though the next six months, if I end up doing things or having experiences that I think are "list worthy", I'll come back, add them to the list, and then mark them as being complete! So, by the time March comes around, this list will probably have 30-40 items on it at least.

It's probably not really fair to do it this way, but what do I care? As my friend Pedro has been known to say, "It's totally up to us (or in this case, me)!"

*(this post was originally posted on 9/26/07, but I've been moving it forward as I've completed some of the different tasks.)


Dishboy said...

I think I'll start using a modification of your list method for my new year's resolutions from now on. I'm going to make my 2007 resolution list in December. This could be my best year ever!

Jodi said...

In regard to #2-Have you ever visited It has some great free tutorials as well as some you can pay for. I use it often to brush up in Adobe.

Charlotte said...

Thanks Jodi! I've never even heard of this site. I'll check it out!

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