Friday, September 21, 2007

Happy Birthday Dorothea!

Today is (obviously) Dorothea's birthday. We've been friends for several years now, and our friendship has been an absolute blessing for me. Isn't it great when you have friends like that?
I've written a few posts about Dorothea in the past, my favorite of which is here.

There are others though, here, here, and here as well as many other mentions at various and sundry areas of this blog. (to understand how that last one is about Dorothea, you would have to know that she threw my "friend" bridal shower)
Eric and I will be seeing Dorothea and Sergei tonight to celebrate this auspicious day. In the meantime though, I'm posting a little poem that I composed as I was curling my hair this morning.

Ode to Dorothea

With her beautiful hair
and the kindest of eyes,
With the way that she laughs (often!)
and the pink curling iron that she buys,

(as well as pink shirts, pink capris, pink jewelry, pink shoes, pink pens, pink purses, you name it! You remember Julia Roberts in Steel Magnolias? How she spoke in that adorable southern drawl saying, "Pink is my signature color!" Remember that? That's Dorothea! Pink is her signature color. Funny thing though-if I had to name a color that was my absolutely least favorite, guess what it would be? Yup, Pink. Somehow we still manage to remain friends. )

As we laugh over breadsticks
and carbonated drinks
She tells me of her adventures
and I tell her of my "thinks"

And we laugh at ourselves
(and we laugh at our men)
And our laughter seems to move me
from grouchiness to zen.

(This is truer than you might guess. The last time Dorothea and I had lunch together was about a week ago. Eric called me and as we were talking, I mentioned that I was going to be meeting up with Dorothea that day. I had been having some struggles with worrying and stressing too much, and relaxing and trusting too little, and it had been kind of hard on both me AND Eric. When he heard that we were getting together, Eric was thrilled at the prospect of a "kinder, gentler (less OCD)" Charlotte--the one that usually comes home after having spent quality time with Dorothea)

And as I reflect,
On each good memory
How grateful I am
For her friendship to me.

Hey--Tennyson I'm not. But, it's all good, right? We do what we can with what we have and what we are. And I'm one grateful girl. Happy Birthday Dorothea!

(note to Dorothea--I know it's not the "30 days of Summer", but it's something, right?) ;-)


melissa c said...

Happy Birthday Dorothea! I love friends like that. They are few and far between.

I hope her day was great!

Dorothea said...

I'm making an exception to my non-commenting rule (but only because the post is about don't get used to it). Thanks for the kind words. I'm sure you know I feel the sam way (except for your feelings towards rude!). I appreciate your friendship more than I can express. And this was much better than the "30 days of Summer"...and even better because you implied it should only be 30 (or maybe you didn't imply that and I just took it that way). Love you!

Jennie said...

your "bride" picture is beautiful!

how great to have such great friends!

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