Thursday, September 27, 2007

Christine Lavin

I'm a big fan of Christine Lavin.

Many years ago (at least four, but it could have been even more) I was listening to "A Prairie Home Companion" on National Public Radio. Now, "Prairie Home Companion" isn't my favorite show on NPR (that would be "Car Talk"), but on this particular day, I was listening. I remember sitting in my bedroom, in the papa san chair that I used to keep in the corner, just relaxing and enjoying a little bit of down-time. Suddenly, this woman started playing her guitar and singing this really quirky song. Here's an excerpt:

I am at the opera,
I don't like the opera,
but he loves the opera and I love him
I follow the libretto,
I follow the conductor,
when I follow the plot, my head begins to spin
I don't understand a word,
even when it's English!
Everyone around me says,
"ooh this is divine"
I don't like the opera but look I'm at the opera
It's a good thing he can't read my mind.
(lyrics by
Christine Lavin from her album
"Good Thing He Can't Read My Mind" ©1988, All Rights Reserved)

Well, as you might imagine, a song all about opera caught my attention immediately. I sat up straight, started paying attention, and got a notepad. When our friend Garrison Keillor mentioned her name along with the name of the song, I wrote it all down. Eventually (after a bit of sleuthing on the internet) I was able to order a copy of her CD, "Good Thing He Can't Read My Mind". I found several other songs that I enjoyed, although none so much as "Good Thing . . ."

Through the years I've purchased some of her other CD's as well, and I now am a proud owner of three Christine Lavin offerings. I've even seen her in person, because (as luck would have it), my local folk music society brought her in for a concert a few years ago.

She's been singing for years and years, and has such a fun quirky view of the world, and of male/female relationships in particular. I just love her songs. For any of you who are thinking about checking her out, I should mention that a few of her songs go places that I personally wouldn't go, and provide details that I personally wouldn't provide. So, you might want to be aware of that. I tend to be quite conservative about what I can comfortably listen to or watch, and there are probably 3-4 songs on the three CDs that I have that I simply pass over when they come on. Having made that compromise, I've enjoyed hours and hours of listening and sing-along-ing pleasure with my friend Christine.

And that's probably enough for today.




Bamamoma said...

You failed to mention that she has crochet parties before her concerts. How cool is that?

Dishboy said...

That has got to be the essence of cool!

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