Tuesday, August 07, 2007

The Yoga Club

I taught my last yoga lesson for a while today.

Well, probably.

Almost every summer, my friend Vanessa moves herself and a bunch of her stuff out here for ten weeks while she rehearses and performs in our summer opera season. (for those of you who are familiar with our offerings this year, she plays Tony's sister Marie in Most Happy Fella and Captain Andy's wife Parthy in Showboat. )

Anyway, Vanessa is an avid yoga-practicer, and so once she arrives for the summer, we start up our own little yoga class. We take turns on Tuesday and Thursday mornings, teaching and practicing yoga. I teach on Tuesdays, and Vanessa teaches on Thursdays. I teach my own version of Iyengar yoga (which I picked up from my old friend Judith, and have supplemented by reading Yoga Journal, Yoga for Dummies, and Yoga Beats the Blues) and Vanessa teaches a version of Kundalini yoga, with some Pilates mixed in there as well.

Almost every year (for many years now), we follow what ends up being the same pattern. At the beginning of the season, we have anywhere from two to ten people in the class, mostly women, but with some men thrown in there as well. The vast majority of the participants are employed in the technical (i.e.-backstage) areas of our operation here, although we do get an occasional singer, and we have one flautist that is rather religious about coming.

As we get into the tech rehearsal and dress rehearsal period, one by one, everyone except for me, Vanessa, and the flautist (whose name is Paula, by the way) fall by the wayside, preferring their comfortable beds and pillows to the higher rewards that come from stretching the limbs and spine, and consciously monitoring the breath. The delinquents generally don't make it back during the 5-week performance period, and so we become a little three-person yoga club through the end of the season.

Our closing night is this Saturday, which makes today the last Tuesday of the opera season. On Thursday Vanessa will teach for the last time, and then our little opera club will be on hiatus until next June. Vanessa will go back to Boston, Paula will go back to Tucson, and I will stay here. Hopefully I'll do a little bit of yoga on my own over the next 10 months, either in my guest bedroom, or at the rec center, or in a class somewhere else.

Otherwise, I just may be in agony when we start up again next June!


Jodi said...

if I lived in Logan I would come to your yoga class faithfully. I love yoga and I think that is so amazing that you teach classes. I do more Hatha yoga and definately the Yoga for Dummmies variety. Back when I was single I went to fancy classes. Now I just teach myself using books from the library.

Harmony said...

If it weren't so far, I'd come too. Yoga keeps me sane!

Dishboy said...

Those beds and pillows sure sound great!

Charlotte said...


You are a Geek.

Dishboy said...

King Geek if you please.

Harmony said...

Hey, you don't have to wait until next June to start up again. Have you ever checked out Total Body Workout on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays on KBYU? (Tuesdays and Thursdays are aerobics.) It's also available in streaming format (whenever you want!) at byubroadcasting.org.

melissa c said...

I am a yoga love also. Love it! I used to do it religiously but have since become a little lazy!

I loved Parthy in show boat. She was fabulous!

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