Thursday, August 02, 2007

Why our bed is unmade today

So, last night as I was driving home from work, I looked up into the mountains above my house and was surprised to see that they were on fire. (You can go here for a video with details on the whole thing).

I was only a little bit worried, because the fire didn't seem to be affecting any of the residential areas, although I did consider what would happen if the fire came all the way down to our townhomes (after consuming several miles of homes closer to the action than we are). I figured we would be evacuated, and took comfort in the thought that the fire insurance on our belongings is up-to-date. Then I realized that the insurance on the actual structure of our homes is paid by our Homeowners Association, and I wondered if that was up-to-date (I'm sure it is), and what would happen if it wasn't. Then I decided that I shouldn't follow that line of thought any longer.

By then I had picked up the mail, and was in the kitchen, looking for a little after-work/pre-dinner snack. As I opened the refrigerator, I noticed that the bulb in our refrigerator had burned out. Then I noticed that all the light bulbs in our house had burned out as well, and that the air conditioner had gone on the fritz too. That's when I finally noticed (after having been home for at least 30 minutes) that we were without power in our home.

Eric wasn't home yet, and so as my imagination started revving up, I started looking around the house for a radio that was battery powered. I was amazed to discover that Eric and I have between us a total of five stereos, each of which is equipped with a radio. I was dismayed to discover that not a single one of those radios had batteries loaded. Funny how you take things (like electrical power) for granted, isn't it?

Luckily, at that point, I remembered the 72-hour kit that I had lovingly packed for myself back in November of 1999 (when I was worried about the looming Y2K crisis). I pulled it out of the closet, rummaged around, and found the small sports radio I had purchased for just such an occasion. Within minutes I was connected to up-to-the-minute details on the fire, the power outage, as well as the traffic of curious fire viewers who were driving up to see the fire (and clogging up the road, thus hindering the fire relief efforts).

When Eric came home, we decided that rather than try to forage berries from the container garden in the backyard, we would go out for dinner to a part of the valley that had power, which we did, enjoying a lovely meal, and arriving back home around 9:00 p.m. to find our house completely dark. After puttering around for a bit, we eventually went to bed, and aside from our home being a little warmer than it often is, life was just about the same as usual.

Until about 3:00 this morning, when our bedroom light (which I had forgotten to turn off before falling asleep) turned on full blaze as the air-conditioner kicked on and (I'm assuming) the refrigerator light also burst into action.

After being awoken so abruptly, it took me about another hour or so to fall back asleep, and once I did, I didn't want to wake up again when my alarm went off a few hours later. So, I pressed snooze much more than I usually do, which meant I overslept, which meant that when I finally did wake up, I only had enough time to throw on some clothes, stick my hair in a ponytail, and run out the door.

And that is why our bed is unmade today.

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Jennie said...

i love the way you tell a story! i was totally drawn into your situation and i felt like i had lost power too!

thanks- and the fire was scary! i was up at camp lomia with girls camp and the power was turned off there too!

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