Tuesday, August 21, 2007

An update

Well, greetings from Cedar City. I'm down here for a few days, where I've been spending time with my family and just relaxing a bit after the opera season. It's been a great time, packed with fun activities. Last night I went with my mom and two sisters-in-law to "Twelfth Night" at the Utah Shakespearean Festival, and today we're going to follow that up by seeing a new musical version of "Lend Me a Tenor". In addition, we've chatted and played and read storybooks, and my mother helped me hem some pants for Eric (I'm sewing-disabled), and I've been doing a bit more reading and just enjoying having some down-time.

Unfortunately, Eric isn't here with me this time. He used all his vacation time on our honeymoon and with the various family reunions this summer, and so he's had to stay home and work. It's been a little odd to be here without him. I did so much traveling either on my own or with various travel companions when I was single that I'm surprised how quickly I got accustomed to having Eric around. But I did, and I miss him. Kind of a bummer, but it's probably a good sign as far as our marriage goes, right?

In addition to the Cedar report, I thought this would be a good time to give a little update on some of what I've reported lately. So, here goes:

As to Hillary Clinton, I finally finished listening to her book en route to Cedar. It was 19 CDs long, over 20 hours. In many ways I enjoyed the book, and in many ways it made me think. The funny thing is, when I finished the book (about an hour north of Cedar City) and for the rest of that afternoon and evening, I was basically processing things in the back of my mind as to how I felt about Hillary, and Obama, and Giuliani, and Mitt Romney, and (although to a lesser extent) the other candidates. I vacillated between wondering how much I can trust the story a person (Hillary) tells about themselves, vs. how much I can trust the story a person (or news anchor or magazine) tells about someone else. I'm still not sure what the trust level should be there.

However, the next morning, I happened to be watching the Iowa debate on television. All the Democratic candidates were there (no Republicans), and as I watched Hillary answer questions, I got kind of a weird feeling. I can't really explain what it was, except to say what it wasn't. It wasn't a positive feeling, but nor was it a terribly dark negative feeling. It was a kind of unsettled feeling I guess. It wasn't anything too dramatic though, so I'm not sure what it means.

What this all boils down to though is that basically, I'm back where I started. I listened to 20 hours of "Living History", and as far as my opinion on Ms. Clinton goes, I'm pretty much the same place I was when I started, which is mostly undecided, and a little confused. What's that about?

As to our reading adventures, while I've been here, I've been reading more of that new book I got a while back (Twilight), and I've really enjoyed it. Eric has also been enjoying 1776. For a while there, he told me pretty much every day how he was gaining more and more respect for George Washington. Isn't it nice when you find books that you just wholeheartedly enjoy?

And finally, As to my piano adventures, I spoke with the Primary President this week, and discovered that (in a classic case of miscommunication), I'm actually not wanted in the pianist capacity as much as I'm wanted in the chorister capacity. It appears that I'm probably going to be the chorister for the kids aged 3 to 8, and fill-in when necessary elsewhere (as a regular teacher, or chorister for the older kids). I'm going to keep trying to learn the Primary songs on the piano though, since I figure that can only be of help--both to me and to my ward. So, although I was willing to take on the challenge of the piano, I'm MUCH more comfortable with my current situation. Nice!!!

And that's it for today.




Jennie said...

i totally understand the weird feeling you have without your hubby. i feel the same way! i married a little bit later in my life and was quite independent, but i feel strange w/o kevin.

i am so glad that you are enjoying twilight! i love it!

Jeri said...

so I don't get it. they have one chorister for senior primary and another for junior??

You'll be GREAT as chorister. Didn't you have that calling in a previous ward? I might be remembering wrong. Either way - you'll be great. Sometimes I wish that I had more actual musical knowledge to use when teaching the kids to sing, but I figure that as long as I bring energy, excitement, and love to the calling, the kids don't really care how well I sing.

melissa c said...

really good post Charlotte. I think your feelings on Hillary speak for themselves. I feel the same. and No I don't trust what political people say about themselves. Neither do I trust what others say about them. L

Look at how they talked about Joseph Smith. Hello???? Is anyone to be trusted? That is the thing that bothers me most!

Charlotte said...


Yes, the plan is that I'll be the junior chorister (once we get the primary program over-it's scheduled for Sept 23rd), and that way the other chorister can go to Sunday School and I can go to R.S. They're trying to get a pianist for junior primary as well, because both the chorister and pianist have been in the callings for several years and they're starting to feel a bit isolated from the adults of the ward.

I've been just kind of observing in Primary for the past two weeks, trying to learn names and songs. I'm getting more and more excited for the calling though. My last (and only other )Primary chorister was probably my most fun experience in church service so far.


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