Thursday, June 07, 2007

Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow

Yesterday I had lunch with Dorothea. It was great fun. I ordered the Monte Cristo sandwich, which is my favorite thing on the lunch menu for this particular restaurant. It's basically two slices of French toast with ham and turkey and Swiss cheese and mayo in between it all. It comes with fries or English chips, and I always get the English Chips. I'm telling you, it is DELICIOUS. Unfortunately, it's also packed with fat and calories. I only ate half the sandwich, but still.

Better than the food though, was being able to chat with Dorothea. We've gone through some similar experiences over the past year (and we've gone through some experiences that weren't all that similar to each other as well), and it's been fun (not to mention therapeutic) along the way to compare notes and stuff. Add that to the fact that our husbands get along pretty well, and it makes for a very satisfying friendship. I'm a lucky girl.

Today I was supposed to be able to get the enlargements and negatives from our wedding, but as it turns out, our photographer is in Salt Lake for another wedding all day. So, I'll have to pick them up tomorrow I guess. I'm looking forward to getting those, because when I have them, I can get really serious about figuring out what we'll be putting on the walls of our house.

When Eric moved in, I cleared off some of the walls, because the decor there was just too cute and feminine for any self-respecting man to enjoy. But I'm getting tired of blank walls, and I'm looking forward to filling them up. We probably won't be buying anything new, but I have a bunch of stuff and Eric has a bunch of stuff, and I think it will be fun to put together a display or two that will use some of it all. So, I've been waiting for wedding pictures, just in case we want to display some of them. Now I'll have to wait a bit longer, but it's all good.

Tomorrow (in addition to picking up pictures) I'm going camping for the first time this year! Yippee!! Ilsa (and her friend Sally) have organized a big camp-out for all their friends. This is the 10th year in a row that they have done it, and it will be my fourth year in attendance. It's something I start looking forward to in about April, and this year is no exception. The actual camping is just for one night, which works great for me. The campsite is in Southern Idaho, and it is absolutely beautiful. I'll post a few pictures from past years just to prove it to you.
Anyway, Eric is not looking forward to it with as much enthusiasm as I am, but that's just because he hasn't ever been before. That's what I'm telling myself anyway. We're doing it a little differently than you might expect from a couple of newlyweds, but I think it will work best for all concerned. Baslically we'll both be going up for the dutch oven dinner and playing around in the evening, and then Eric is going to come home, and spend the night all alone in our big warm fluffy bed. I'll spend the night shivering and giggling in a tent with Bonita Juanita, Ilsa, Camilla, Sylvia, and Elenita, much like we did in the old pre-Eric days, and then Ilsa will give me a ride home in the morning. Everyone wins! Hoorah!


Peterology said...

Thank you for that wonderful surprise yesterday. It was so exciting to hear from Amy. When I saw your new married name I was almost certain it was Amy's brother, but I couldn't remember. I never really knew your husband. She is an amazing person and I was so lucky to know her during my days in Logan.

I am so jealous of your camping trip. What is the name of your campground. That is so beautiful!

melissa c said...

How fun! Enjoy it while you can! As soon as kids come along, fun takes on a whole new meaning!

I miss the fun Bry and I had before kids but I love having them here of course.

Camp outs are just not as spontaneous and take forever to pack for !

Have fun!

Harmony said...

I want to know where the campground is too! It looks beautiful and I am moving so much closer to it in just a few short weeks. :-)

Jennie said...

what fun! the campground is so great! i love quality "friend" time!

can't wait to see you wedding pics!

Dishboy said...

looks nice. We had our first camping adventure of the year as well. On a whim we decided to load up the kids and head down to the Oregon coast. It was great, and Spencer loved it, dutch oven ribs for dinner in the forest and chasing the waves in the afternoon.

Spencer and Jessi looking forward to the next trip.

Charlotte said...

The campground is called Willow Flat campground. You can learn more about it at this website:

Jennie--You can see some wedding pictures on an earlier blog post. The address is here:

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