Friday, June 22, 2007

an update

I think today I might just share a little more information on some of the developments on things that I've written previously.

As far as Adventures with Caffeine goes, I got the bottle of "No Doze" (which, incidentally, is spelled "No Doz"on the bottle) out of the RAV, and looked at the pills. Each of them is roughly one half the size of the "Jet Boost" (which, incidentally is really called "Jet Alert") pill that I took on Wednesday. So, basically, I took about four times as much caffeine as I ever take.

To quote Han Solo (in Star Wars: A New Hope); Sometimes I even amaze myself.

* * *

As far as Eric's adventures as Young Men's President go, he came home from his first ever Young Men's activity on Tuesday. It was supposed to go until about 8:00 p.m. , and Eric was lightly grumbling about the fact that he had to go there straight from work. Well, at 9:45, a very exhausted but content Eric walked through our door. He had been laying sod and planting trees for over three hours. I don't know that I've ever seen him so worn out, but he also looked and seemed very much at peace and happy.

The boys had been working at Ryan's Place Park , which is a whole other story (a really really good story--you can go to here for an overview), and within a three-hour period, Eric and about 200 other youth and leaders in our area had landscaped an entire park. I happened to visit the park this morning as I was out running, and I nearly started crying as I looked around and realized how quickly the park had gone up, how nice it all looked, and how it was entirely a volunteer effort. It's one of those things that make me so pleased to live where I live.

* * *

And as far as the "aunt adventures" go, we met up with Greg and Tamara to play games a week ago. The kids were still up when we got there, and I was treated to the best jumping I've seen since my mom and I went to Pikeville in the fall of 2005*. Really, Joseph, Jonathan, and Emma were jumping all over the place. There were jumps off the couch, jumps off the window seat, jumps off the window seat and onto the couch, jumps from the couch to the floor on their knees, jumps aiming for blankets on the floor, jumps aiming for toys against the far wall. You name it, they were jumping to it or on it or off it. It was a jumping extravaganza!

In a preview of coming aunt/uncle adventures; one week from today, Eric and I will be watching two of my nieces, ages nearly-4 and 2, while my brother (Mark, not dishboy) and his wife take an overnight break to celebrate their fifth wedding anniversary. It will be the first time Kamree and Kirsten will have spent a night away from their parents, which would also make it the first time Mark & Krista have spent a night away from their children. It will also be the first time Eric and I have had overnight guests (since we were married), and more importantly, the first time we've had responsibility for any children for longer than a few hours at a time. So, that's a lot of firsts, don't you think? "Firsts" tend to be material for interesting (if not always completely pleasant) experiences. So, maybe I'll have some fun stories for y'all come the first part of July.

And, with that little teaser, I leave you for another few days.

Happy Friday.


*On that occasion, my three-year-old nephew Spencer showed his enthusiasm for our visit by jumping off the couch and on to the floor for a record-setting 30 consecutive minutes.


Jodi said...

The Ryan's Park is amazing. I have been looking through the Web site. What a project! I want to come visit just to see the park.

I am laughing at your first overnight guests. It is always a little nerve wracking at least it was for me. We usually have 1-2 neices and nephews every weekend. Yikes! You have to admit that it is much better to have little house guests when there is a team effort than the single days. When you get worn out you can tag out and vice versa. It is also an excuse to buy all the treats that their parents would never think of buying. I think last week for us it was Marshmellow Maties (who knew).

Dishboy said...

I hope this weekend goes well for you with the girls. I'm afraid if we left ours with you guys we might conveniently forget to pick them up for a few days after the weekend ended.

On a side note I heard that your other brother is in the process of buying a house leaving myself as the only renter left in the family.

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